The pandemic of non-relatedness

Yoga is relationship. Without relationship transformation cannot happen
~ Desikachar.

A lot is happening in the world right now. Just like it was before. Although not always clearly visible for everyone.

Since the current Covid-19 pandemic is affecting everyone in this world, it becomes utterly visible that we need a change in many areas of life.

This pandemic is not the first, and many more things are happening in this world at the same time. Some have a positive influence on life. Unfortunately, many affect life less positive. Luckily, there are always people that light up the spirit. Globally people rise against racism, or look at the people committed to equal rights or ensuring a better environment, and so many more committed souls. At the same time, there is still much violence and suppression going on creating unnecessary suffering. From violence in domestic life to violence and repression in several countries by governments, or the violent force we as human race commit against nature.

The most dangerous pandemic, however, is the pandemic of non-relatedness. The focus on individualism has left us with a heritage of loneliness and separation of nature, the very nature we are ourselves as well. And nature is screaming for our support. Life is patiently whispering to be heard by you and me.

It is relationship we need if we want change to happen. Whatever change you seek or wish to see, real relatedness and intimacy is giving you the tools to not only transform but also give life a chance to live fully.

In relationship with ourselves, others and nature, we are able to sustain and nurture change. To support not only ourselves in life but also the ones that need our support. And to support life itself. To be intimate with life.

So now, real Yoga starts. Intimate with life. In relationship with all conditions of life.

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Yoga is relationship Desichakar

It is relationship we need if we want change to happen.