What to look for in a teacher

My dear friend – and writer with a sharp pen – Rosalind Atkinson posted a story on Instagram (@hosalind), which was at the same time hilarious as a sad reality.This post was about what to look for in a good (yoga) teacher. And then there was a sum-up of all the things a teacher should not do. The sad reality, however, is that this list was not made up to humour us. All the (crazy) things listed, are things that have been experienced or observed by real people in various situations — some of them with renowned teachers.

This behaviour is not a thing exclusive to the yoga world. I have seen this occur in various forms, whether it was yoga, therapy or some sort of ‘personal development’.

I don’t accept this.

I am a teacher as well. So, you can hold me to my word. And that is what I would like you to. I am a person doing my best and making mistakes while doing my best. Like most of the teachers are, because there are a lot of sincere people teaching their hearts out to empower people.
However: a teacher should not behave like someone that is ‘more special’ than you. A teacher should be like a friend, someone who really cares about you.

A teacher should only empower you so that you can follow your own direction.

Anyone that seduces you to think that you need to become a better person and that there is a special person that can give this to you, (if you follow their truth), keeps you trapped in a vicious circle of disempowerment.
Anyone that tells you one thing and does another themselves. Anyone that keeps you from being you:

The beautiful being you already are.

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A teacher should only empower you so that you can follow your own direction.