A child of this time?

Everything is subject to change. In fact, you can not really talk about actual sustainability. In our view, sustainability is therefore about conscious choices that are constructive. Choices that contribute to something.

Conscious of the consequences every choice brings, and with the aim to cause as little damage as possible. Sustainability is therefore about correct proportions. We strive to make every choice that we stand for a choice that contributes to this world positively.

‘How much do you take and what do you bring?’

Sustainability is ‘hot’. Various innovations are developed in the technological and economic fields. However, the pursuit of a more sustainable society goes beyond technical innovations and saving measures. The welfare of people, animals and nature is the ultimate goal.

The current challenges we face in this world, in our opinion, require an approach that is in line with this aim. We can no longer solve the challenges of this time without really feeling the essence of man and life. Actually, we can be very brief about it. When you talk about sustainability, you automatically end up with essence. The essence of life. And vice versa, when you talk about essence, you automatically end up with sustainability. In the broadest sense of the word.

The Land of Now lets you experience what sustainability can mean for people, animals, the environment and life. How we do this? Simply by doing it. You can see this in our programs, the meals, the accommodation, how we deal with nature, and it is what you experience in the way we invite you.

Did you know that our extensive and varied cuisine cooks sustainably and organically? That we choose ecological cleaning products? And that we always try to see if the choices we make still contribute something positive?


‘How we do this?
Simply by doing it.’

Netra Basti - Ayurvedische behandeling
Organic cleaning at The Land of Now

We use a professional ecological cleaning line at The Land of Now.

The cleaning products we use here are organic, very concentrated and provide less waste. The materials we use have been specially designed to achieve optimum results with the least possible impact on the environment and people. Our team has had a special training to work with these resources and materials.


At The Land of Now, vegan is very normal. During a stay, our enthusiastic chefs ensure that you can enjoy delicious meals and snacks with a conscious heart.

In addition, all our products in our shop are vegan, from cream to t-shirt. And of course we are happy to give you information about veganism and sustainable living.

In the retreats and programs of The Land of Now, meals are completely vegan by default. And naturally organic.
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External groups

For external groups that rent our location the offer is minimal vegetarian, predominantly vegan and there are always plenty of opportunities for vegans. Cooks for external groups like to hear the wishes prior to a stay.

kalkvrij water
Softened water at The Land of Now

Softened water flows from all taps on The Land of Now. The water is decalcified by a water softener in our cellar.

The advantages of softened water are of course that you no longer suffer from limescale (and existing lime disappears!), But especially that you need less aggressive and much less cleaning agents to clean everything and equipment wears less quickly.

You notice it yourself by the amount of shampoo you need, it seems that this is less than a quarter of what you use now. Furthermore, your skin feels much softer and less dry.

natuur en milieu
Climate control at The Land of Now

With regard to climate control, we also strive to make sustainable choices.

A heat recovery system has been installed in the main room to ensure a healthy indoor climate and good ventilation.
The heating in the rooms below is regulated separately and regulated via a climate control program.