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Space for essence

I am a freedom rebel, you won’t find me bound to one truth. My vision and experience lies behind the truths. I am always traveling, and you are welcome to travel: An invitation to think outside the box and to be open to new possibilities, wonder and experience.

It is my mission to contribute to a non-violent world and to create space for essence.

My approach is contemporary philosophical, no-nonsense and optimistic.
I like to dive into the depth to get to the essence.

Finding starts where the search stops.

I like to bring things back to the essence, in all simplicity. So that the sound of the original can be heard. And each other.

In me there has always been a desire for knowledge and an unstoppable curiosity about the world and its phenomena, where I wonder about things every day.
I am an eternal questioner and philosophical thinker. An idealist and an artist.

My love for development, freedom and life in all its aspects has led to the creation of The Land of Now and our passionate mission: a non-violent world in the year 2500.

Warm bliss,
Juliette Reniers

Juliette Reniers


I like to bring things back to the essence,
in all simplicity.

My activities are varied and can not be put in a box.

As a philosophical thinker I inpire you to be touched by essence and wonder.

As a freedom rebel I am averse to dogma and unconventional.

As a yogi I invite you to be inspired by the depth of Yoga and Ayurveda. With The Land of Now I want to bring yoga beyond the physical yoga trend and offer an inspiring and living path for yogis in which the ancient wisdom and philosophy is offered in a contemporary way. So that the essence of yoga comes to life.

As an artist and designer, I ask questions about fixed structures, assumptions and beliefs and invite us to an open view of the truths. I do research into the inner motives of people, the pursuit of ultimate happiness, and the impermanence of it.

I give space to wonder, to be touched by life.



• Philosophical Thinker
• Freedom Rebel

• Multidisciplinary Artist
• Designer 
••• product design
••• spatial and interior design
••• graphic design
••• jewelry design & goldsmith
• Photographer

• Design & production of meaningful meetings and retreats

• Teacher Yoga & Philosophy
• Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle therapist, Massage therapist
• Mindfulness teacher
• Counselor
• Pure Food professional, Plantbased Chef