Did you know that there is freedom, that is already here?

You don’t have to search for it and can’t go to a school to get a certificate in it.
You don’t have to let go of things or get special things to reach it.
You don’t have to become or lose a personality to be it.
You don’t have to believe, behave differently or become a rebel for it.

No one can give it to you since you already own it.

You are this freedom. And life itself. In all its beauty: You.
And you are free to do whatever you want with it.
Search, go to school, let go, reach, feel, become or lose.
It won’t change the essence of you.

So, live your life. With this freedom that you are.
Don’t walk the paths of others.
Show us your given nature.

Love what you do, care for all you do. Feel all you can, whether you are happy or sad.
Care for this wonder of life. And all of life.

You are a celebration of life. And so am I.

Freedom - Heart of Yoga retraite of yogaweekend in Nederland op retreat center The Land of Now

You are a celebration of life.
And so am I