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In the reality of this moment

My approach is strongly focused on the direct experience of reality. We often spend a lot of time in our lives on how reality should actually be, without actually achieving a result. We experience a discrepancy between how the world is and how we think it should actually be. But how do you get there where you want to be?

In my guidance, attention is not only focused on this discrepancy between how the world is and how it should be, but also on how reality really is.

By having a clear view of reality there is room to make conscious choices, to focus on concrete goals and to take steps.

Warm bliss,

Frank Eijkelkamp

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‘..In the process and the guidance of a day I often feel like a conductor again. A good conductor, above all, listens well, and knows that everyone’s own sound is important.

He creates space for each individual to unfold and gives attention to what can be heard at that moment. He has a critical eye and ear for both harmony and disharmony and creates a harmony by letting everyone listen – to themselves and each other, and to make themselves heard. ‘



  • • Trainer & Coach
    • Mindfulness  teacher
    • Modern Yogi
  • • Process supervisor
  • • Meeting designer
    • Creative producer and director
  • • Artist
  • • Musician
De problemen van deze tijd lossen we niet meer op door te blijven doen wat we altijd gedaan hebben