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Healing with Consciousness

Skills for Accessing Healing Powers

The biggest, most basic element in all of us is our consciousness. Consciousness is the bedrock of who we are, how our bodies are meant to function and our best networking bridge to other people and the world around us.

This consciousness has incredible healing potentials built into it, including emotional healing, physical healing, spiritual re-connection and more.  And yet, it is also one of the least understood, least used aspects in modern medicine and most alternative healing forms.

This course is for all people who are practitioners in any of the medical and healing arts. It is also for people who are wanting to understand how their personal consciousness can activate the light in the fields of others.

It will take you into being able to be with yourself and turning on the healing forces within yourself.

In the Masterclass, you will learn how to access the deeper dimensions in yourself and your clients. By understanding and working with consciousness, all the innate healing forces in the enormous fields will become part of your healing repertoire.

Extra information:
There is a WAITING LIST for this Masterclass.

Because of the Coronavirus, we have reduced the maximum number of participants to 16. Everyone has access to a single room with private shower and toilet, for which no single room supplement is charged.

Before the start of this Masterclass, all participants receive a protocol containing the agreements that we as School and Center make with each other and the participants. This way we can experience a beautiful Masterclass together in a responsible manner.

The Masterclass is for Rebalancers and body-oriented therapists.

Extra Informatie:
Er is een WACHTLIJST voor deze Masterclass.

In verband met de Corona-maatregelen, hebben wij het maximaal aantal deelnemers teruggebracht naar 16. Ieder heeft de beschikking over een 1-persoonskamer met eigen douche en toilet, daarvoor wordt geen 1-persoonskamer toeslag berekend.

Voor de start van deze Masterclass ontvangen alle deelnemers een protocol met daarin de afspraken die wij als School en Centrum met elkaar en de deelnemers maken. Zo kunnen we op een verantwoorde wijze samen een mooie Masterclass beleven.


03 - 05 jul 2020


10:00 - 17:00

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The Land of Now
Veenweg 9a, 9628TW Siddeburen, Netherlands


Rebalancing - School voor lichaamswerk en bewustzijn
Rebalancing - School voor lichaamswerk en bewustzijn
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