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september, 2018

02sepallday09Meeting with Pia | Retreat

Event Details

Residential Retreat in The Netherlands with Pia.

Pia is an Awakened Spiritual teacher. Residing in Australia Pia regularly travels internationally devoted to supporting others’ Awakening. Unique within her Awakened Presence, Pia has been sharing teachings for many years.

Pia’s Presence has the capacity to meet you boundlessly within the Sacred, a simple yet profound Divine touch, a direct experience that is felt deeply on all levels, shedding what no longer serves. Once you connect with Pia’s energy field, the experience resonates in your Sacred Heart, supporting your Awakening within the Grace of everyday life.

Pia shares simple tools of Innate Functioning that can be easily embraced in our busy lifestyles. Tools that naturally reach far beyond the identified-self touching into depths of Be-ing that can be recognised within varied tastes. The tools platform-support your capacity to remain open, to fully embody embrace Awareness Presence.

Pia’s Presence holds a space for you to be able to leave the meeting with solid tools. Tools that enable continual support after the meeting. The ‘how to’ without doing, the paradox of Awakening, surrender into Innate Functioning, sacredly meet-be yourself within the ordinary everyday. Pia’s Essence naturally supports in Grace Gratitude Love of the Sacred within us all.




september 2 (Zondag) - 9 (Zondag)


The Land of Now


Meeting with Pia