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Have you ever tried to:
Make a real change in your life,
Transform inhibiting or distractive habits,
Manifest an important dream,
but experienced it was too difficult ?

Why do people find it so difficult to bring change & transformation in their life?
The difficulties experienced are mainly because people are not aware of the three essential aspects needed in order to create the desired transformation:

• First, we need to know that we cannot create a transformation on the same level of consciousness we are at, it is therefore essential that we actively expand our consciousness to higher and deeper levels: Body consciousness, psychological consciousness and even spiritual consciousness.

• The second essential aspect is – we need to have more internal resources
 than what we have at the moment. These inner resources will generate the extra energy needed to fuel and support the new change. They are inside us, but we need to find the way to consciously reach and mobilize them. When we expand and deepen the 3 levels of consciousness these resources will become more available to us.
• The third aspect is probably the most important one because it enables the first two aspects to develop. In order to facilitate the expansion and deepening of consciousness we need a safe and caring environment and an expert encouraging guidance. Only when we feel safe enough we can make the courageous breakthrough that will take the transformation process forwards.

The retreat Keys To Liberation provides these three important aspects and the right conditions needed for a profound and long lasting transformation to take place.


The Keys to Liberation retreat meets the need for transformation and liberation by offering processes, practices and tools to:
Discover and access your internal resources
Liberate yourself from inhibiting psychological and mental chains
Transform your experience of who you are
Connect to your deep purpose.


Meditations, Self-reflections, Guided imageries
Free drawings, Group processes and sharing
Movement Medicine practices
Time to rest and be with yourself to integrate the learning


• Profound healing and nurturing for your body, heart, mind and soul
• Deeper levels of inner freedom, more self-acceptance and stronger self-confidence
• Being strongly grounded and connected to your own truth
• Experiencing en empowering new force to drive your life forward.
• New meaning for your life’s journey and a clearer sense of purpose
• Practical tools for engaging in a meaningful way of living your life.
• Two individual follow-up Skype calls with Livia Frischer in the months after the retreat to support you in integrating your transformation.


Keys to Liberation is a method that integrates wisdom from both ancient and contemporary fields of knowledge:

PSYCHOSYNTHESIS – A transpersonal and spiritual psychology that brings the knowledge of the Psyche and its relationship with the soul. It helps us to unveil the psychological dynamics that operate in our unconscious and support the building of new consciousness empowered by soul.

ARCHETYPAL MYTHOLOGY -The archetypal journey of man from slavery to liberation, receiving inspiration from the biblical story of Exodus that gives us important knowledge about what the shift from inner slavery to inner freedom may entail.

MOVEMENT MEDICINE – An embodied practice of mindfulness in motion is a big part of the workshop because what we can move we can heal. This embodied practice brings the deep grounding needed when we expand our psychological and spiritual consciousness.

WORKSHOP LEADER – Livia Frischer
Livia brings to her teaching more than 25 years of experience as a Psychosynthesis therapist and trainer and has guided hundreds of people through life transforming processes. She has worked in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, and Israel.
Her way of engaging and teaching is both gentle and potent, grounding and uplifting, giving every participant the opportunity to find his/her own connection to the healing power of the soul.
She is known as a ‘soul midwife’ who assists participants in the birth of a new inner freedom, she gently holds and challenges participants to take the next steps towards growth.

Livia teaches in English.


P. van Megchelen, journalist, poet
“Through this workshop I have come to appreciate parts of myself and of my life that I barely knew and even despised. Now I know more about my calling and my purpose.”

J. Osterthun, psychosynthesis consultant.
“ I never came across a workshop that moved me more and that enabled such deep and consisting changes in such short time. It has a unique and well-balanced combination of practice, theory, mind, body and soul. “

M. de Haan, self-employed manager
“I loved this workshop because it gave me my mission, my path, my direction and made it clear to me where I stand now and where I am going. It also helped me to become free of all kind of non-supportive believes that were in the way. I wish I had done this years earlier”

V. Dubas, yoga teacher
“I have been on the journey of development for a long time looking for this kind of work. This workshop helped me to free myself from different fears I was struggling with unconsciously. What a liberation!

F. Kuiper, lawyer
“ I feel so blessed that a very persistent pattern was uncovered and released. It was such an amazing journey, now I feel more light and love inside and outside me and I can live my life more freely.”

Maria, 63, physiotherapist.
In my life I’ve had a feeling of missing something. It’s a longing that has to do with my will or lack of will. I haven’t really been able to feel what I need and long for. Instead I’ve had my focus on other people’s needs. I’ve stepped back, I haven’t been taking my space. This hole inside made me go to Keys to Liberation.
Livia, Fredrick and Noor guided me and the group from their heart with love and made me feel very safe and held. They helped me so now I have this feeling of being held in myself. Through the years I’ve been to different therapist and they have helped me on my way but Keys to Liberation was different including the body and being seen by others with love. Step by step I can engage to the unknown being and feeling held. I can trust that my body knows. Together with love and light and listening to my body my will grows. I recommend Keys to Liberation to others because I do think that it could be a start of something new to grow inside you, to help you get in contact with your longing in life.

C. Boelman, owner of BOEL trainings
The Keys to Liberation for me was coming home to myself. More peace in my mind and peace in my body. I ran through life and was always busy with all sorts of things. Now I can focus better and make clear choices because I am much more in touch with my feelings and my body. I can rely on myself, even when the going gets tough.
The trainers are experts in their field and they guide the participants vigorously and from the heart. This training was the best gift I gave to myself.

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22 - 28 aug 2022


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Keys to Liberation
Keys to Liberation


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