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From the outside, you’ve got it all.
Nice house, career, family & friends…
But on the inside you feel stressed,
You cannot quiet your mind,
You feel often overwhelmed,
You find yourself lashing out to your loved ones,
and regretting it instantly,
You feel stuck in certain patterns.
And you want to make a change.
You’ve been reading books on personal development and spirituality, attending yoga classes, and exploring new experiences like ecstatic dance and cacao ceremonies.
But despite your efforts, you still feel like something’s missing.
You struggle to apply these teachings and practices to your everyday life. And you’re left feeling frustrated and stuck.
You want to create a more balanced life,
Experience freedom from your never-ending worrying mind.
Being able to focus on the things that matter to you.
And enjoy life in the present moment.
You know that you have to look within.
The answers are already there.
You’re ready to break free from your comfort zone and leave behind what no longer serves you. You’re eager to start living life on your own terms.

That’s where we come in.

Our program is designed to help you integrate powerful tools into your daily routine, so you can finally experience the deep, transformative change you’ve been seeking.
In 4 days we will guide you through breathwork sessions, (dynamic) meditations, bodywork & movement. You’ll learn how to manifest what you want using the laws of quantum physics and neuroscience.

You’ll experience inner peace, feel empowered and equipped with the tools & practices to create the life you want.
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29 jun 2023 - 02 jul 2023


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The Land of Now
Veenweg 9a, 9628TW Siddeburen, Netherlands


Ignition Retreats
Ignition Retreats


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