Eric Dowsett | Space clearing

You will discover:

How to locate: Various Earth Energies, including the Earth’s Magnetic Field, Disturbances from Naturally Occurring Underground Water and Geological Disturbances.

The limits of disturbance from several technological sources.

Residual Emotional Charge left behind in the environment after trauma.

Most importantly you will learn how to understand these energies and, through this understanding, release the charge held in the space and thus reduce the impact of these energies on you, your family and clients. Apart from the benefits to those you work for this course can be seen as a fast track to your own personal growth, allowing you to be more present in any environment without being adversely affected by that environment.

You will also discover the many applications of ‘Dowsing’ using either a pendulum (bring your favourite one with you) or the ‘L’ Rod (supplied).  This includes, but is not limited to, Horizon Dowsing, Map Dowsing and Distance Clearing.


This week is a must, but not limited to, for those wishing to develop their own skills and awareness to a level where they can begin to earn their living as a Space Clearing Consultant and eventually begin teaching this subject.


02 - 08 mei 2022


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Eric Dowsett


Eric Dowsett

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