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Buddhist philosophy, yoga & meditation


When was the last time you really took time for yourself? To rest deeply and reflect on the way you show up for life? This retreat provides space for reflection and insight, but is also a gift to yourself and an invitation to enjoy life to the fullest.

During the four day program you will enjoy daily yoga, meditation and philosophical workshop sessions, and delicious & healthy food at a beautiful location in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands.

The program is designed to rest and restore, and to inspire you to cultivate positive values such as grateful joy, loving kindness, compassion and equanimity in your daily life. We will explore these themes during lectures, group discussion, reflection & meditation.

  • Daily yoga classes, guided meditations and workshops led by experienced teacher E-RYT500

  • Welcoming home away from home with beautiful garden in the Dutch country side

  • Private rooms with en-suite bathrooms

  • Outdoor sauna

  • Healthy & delicious vegetarian meals prepared with lots of love

  • Time for you: rest & reflect and travel back home with your batteries recharged and inspired to live life to the fullest


This retreat is something for you if you feel it’s time to rest & reflect. The year 2020 has been tumultuous for many of us. This retreat provides space for you to reflect on the way you show up for life. It offers positivity and practical tools to bring into your own daily life. This extended weekend is also for you if you are simply looking for a break. The weekend is all about self-care, taking time for you! We have designed a program to feed body, mind and soul with delicious vegetarian food, daily yoga & meditation sessions and philosophical workshops. The yoga classes and other activities will be tailored to the individuals in the group and previous experience is not needed. All activities are optional, so if you rather stay in and enjoy the comfortable lounge room or outdoor sauna you’re welcome to do so!

For Yoga Alliance registered yoga teachers this retreat offers the opportunity to acquire continued education hours. Joining in all workshops and evening meditation sessions and handing in a written assignment after the retreat provides you with 10 accredited hours of continued education.



During the retreat we have the Land of Now Yoga Hotel all to ourselves, our group will be the only guests on site. I have chosen this location because it is a place that naturally invites its guests to relax and restore. The spacious yoga studio (110m2) breaths a calm serenity. During the day you can enjoy a walk in the beautiful garden, enjoy the outdoor sauna or curl up with a cup of tea on the sofa in the lounge. You will stay in a private room with luxury boxspring bed and en-suite bathroom. Feel at home in your home away from home in the peaceful Groninger Dutch country side.


During the extended weekend there will be daily yoga & meditation classes. The morning sessions are active but mindful vinyasa flow classes, followed by breath work and guided meditation. In the late afternoons we will practice a mixture of restorative yoga, yoga nidra and yin yoga. After dinner there will be guided meditations. All classes are tailored to the individuals in the group so that everyone can participate at their own level and pace. I love to create classes that empower, that establish a better relationship between mind and body and that create the right energy for the time of day. Classes are themed, but always have a strong focus on the breath. I am a certified and experienced yoga & meditation teacher (E-RYT500) and mindfulness trainer (category 1).


This retreat provides a reflection on our attitude towards life – “How do I show up?”. We explore four Buddhist philosophical principles, the brahma vihara’s: loving-kindness, grateful joy, compassion and equanimity. Each of these themes will be explained & explored. Not only will there be some theoretical context provided, you will experience your own interpretation of the brahma vihara’s in group exercises, meditation and personal reflection. The purpose of this exploration is to inspire you and fuel your mind and heart with positivity.



At Delta Yoga we love food! We strongly believe that the energy we supply the body with (e.g. the foods we eat) impact how we feel throughout our lives. At the Land of Now we will enjoy delicious vegetarian meals. The food is sourced locally and organic whenever possible. All meals are prepared with lots of love. Before the morning yoga class there will be tea and fruit. At brunch we will serve granola with yoghurt, fruits, bread and spreads, juices and other goodies. In the afternoon there will be healthy snacks or soup or something light. Dinner is healthy, hearty and looks like party on a plate. All day tea and fruits are available to you. This retreat is full service and all meals are included.



Nothing is mandatory and everything is allowed! These days are an invitation to relax and reflect – the program was created to support that process. The exact program might depend on the weather and how we feel, but it may look like this:

  • 08:00h    Fruit & tea

  • 08:30h    Active flow yoga, breath work & meditation

  • 10:00h    Brunch

  • Time to rest & reflect: enjoy a walk in the garden, the outdoor sauna or a book and cup of tea on the sofa

  • 13:00h     Workshop

  • 14:00h     Afternoon snack

  • Time to rest & reflect

  • 17:00h     Slow yoga

  • 18:30h     Diner

  • 20:30h     Meditation

All activities are optional. This extended weekend is about self-care and tuning in into what it is you need in the moment.



Hi! My name is Barbara. It’s my job to help people gain present moment awareness and energy efficiency to thrive. I work as a yoga teacher, mindfulness trainer, personal leadership coach and expedition leader. Sometimes I work in yoga studio’s or retreat centers, other times I provide trainings at corporate offices or guide groups on high mountain all over the world. Although these workplaces seem to differ, for me they are very similar. Wether it is on a mountain, yoga mat or in a boardroom – I see people that get challenged, that establish a better connection to their body and that find rest and new inspiration.

I hold a MSc in (political) philosophy and I am a certified yoga teacher (E-RYT-500) and mindfulness trainer (Radboud University, category 1). Over the past few years I delivered almost 2000 hours of yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes to groups, individuals and organisations.


10 dec 2020 - 13 dec 2020


10:00 - 17:00

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