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2 Engage | Walking Archetypes for Empowerment,Growth and Self-renewal

Walking Archetypes is a  three-day training course for WIYS facilitators about discovering and awakening Archetypal raw energy. During this retreat, a framework to understand the necessary steps in a transition process is introduced . You will also learn how to apply new experiences and insights to your own practice.

Training for Walking in Your Shoes Facilitators

Life itself, with its recurring seasons, is a self-renewing process. So is working-life and leadership de- velopment. Our (working) lives are measured mostly by cycles and chapters, not by linear accom- plishments. Each chapter or phase has a beginning, an end and a transition to the next chapter or phase. Transitions appear when we are off track and seek renewal. “The Journey of the Hero” pro- vides a roadmap for transitions. And Walking Archetypes deepens and accelerates our process.

Every life transition is a possible journey if we focus on our future and purpose instead of on fixing problems of the past. Walking the archetypes helps us retrieve innate inner resources from the depths of unconsciousness to deal with the challenges and transitions of adult life and find our places in the world. As you get older, you keep revising and renewing the same familiar issues, the same urges, the same concerns you have always had; only you do so in ever changing settings and circumstances. In our world, competent persons need to know how to renew themselves.

Outcome of the training

The objective of the training is for participants to become more skilled in using the insights of Walk- ing the Archetypes in their coaching and training practices.
Participant will therefore:

  • become familiar with the raw energy of the sound archetypes, as well as the story and jour- ney of each Archetype,
  • understand the impact of pairing Archetypes and using double walks for integration of Arche- types,
  • become acquainted with the process of “the Journey of the Hero”,
  • experience a walk finding their soul and their purpose,
  • discover their gift to the world,
  • learn to apply the experiences and insights in their own practices,
  • learn how to use the Archetypes and their energy in helping clients,
  • expand their coaching abilities.



29 jun 2020 - 01 jul 2020


10:00 - 17:00

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