Your stay

Your stay


You will soon be staying at The Land of Now and we look forward to welcoming you.
On this page you will find all the information for your stay.

We wish you a nice time.
Our enthusiastic team is ready to offer you an unforgettable stay.

Juliette & Frank
and the entire team from The Land of Now


All space and time
For you

Practical things to know

Access after 10:30 PM

The outside door is automatically locked from 22:30 to 07:00.
The door can only be opened with a code.

You will find the code on the information screen upon arrival


Of course you can use WiFi at our location.

You will find the password on the information screen in the hall.

Public transport

From Groningen station, take bus 178.
The bus stop is: Veenweg in Hellum

Usually it is possible to pick you up from the bus stop.
Please contact us in advance.

Pre-overnight stay

With many programs it is possible to arrive the evening before from 19:30, so you can arrive in peace and you don’t have to make a whole journey on the first day.

The organizer of your program may have already provided this option, or it is already part of your stay.
If this is not the case, you can book a pre-night stay:


Unfortunately, we can only take dietary adjustments into account to a limited extent. Gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan is possible.
Adjustments must be requested no later than one week before the start.

Vegan is a matter of course for us and a specialty in our sustainable kitchen.


During your stay and program, our location is a shoe-free space. A pair of warm socks or slippers can therefore be pleasant.
A pair of walking shoes can be useful for a walk.


Would you like to go out by bike?

There are a few bicycles available for you to use. Just ask our team about it.

Smoking, fire and incense

Smoking, fire, candles/tea lights and incense are not allowed. Not even with the window open, or from the window. (By order of the fire brigade).
If smoking or incense is used, additional (cleaning) costs will be charged.

For smokers: You will find a smoking pole at the pond cover.

How to operate the curtains

A frequently asked question from first-time guests is: “How do I get the blinds back up?”

You do this by slightly pushing the aluminum strip at the bottom with both hands, so that you can slide the curtain back up.



We participate in a program for sustainable hotels. We also need your help with this!

In general, you will not be in your room for a large part during your stay because you are participating in a program.
You can contribute by turning down the thermostat when you’re not staying in your room.
You will notice that the room heats up quickly when the thermostat is turned on.

Hotel soap recycling

Are you not taking your used eco hotel soap home with you? Then you can leave it on the sink. We recycle it.
Many hotel toiletries are only used a few times and end up in the trash. That can also be different!

That is why we are affiliated with Clean the World. Read more here.


Do you want to know what we do in the field of sustainability?



At The Land of Now you will find an intimate outdoor sauna where you can relax during your stay.
Do you want to use this? Let our team know and we will book a time slot for you.

A large towel is mandatory for hygiene reasons.
A sauna towel or bathrobe can optionally be rented.

CO2 compensation use of sauna pp per time slot: €7.50*

Rental towel: €3,00
Rental bathrobe: €5,00

*We compensate the CO2 use of our sauna through Trees for All .


At The Land of Now we have a small boutique in which we offer exclusive
and sell unique products such as our own hand-forged jewelry,
screen-printed t-shirts, art & design and our self-composed Ayurvedic
tea line. We also sell meditation cushions, yoga mats, books, water bottles,
Ayurvedic care products and sustainable shampoo bars.

Of course our products are as much as possible organic, sustainable and
always vegan.

If you want to buy something, you can contact our team members.
Or write down the product you want to buy on the form in our boutique.
Payment can be made during check-out.

Payment options: pin, on invoice or cash.
Custom orders (t-shirts, jewelry) are possible.

Drinks and snacks

We have a varied range of special drinks with which we would like to inspire you. You can also find responsible tasty snacks with us.
Cooled drinks can be found in the cooling of the drinks buffet in the hall opposite the toilets. You can grab your drink or snack yourself and enter your order in the iPad or indicate it on the fill-in list on the buffet.


You can pay at the end of your stay.


You can contact us (by appointment) for Ayurvedic consultations and nutrition and lifestyle advice. We also offer psychosocial counseling and you are welcome for yoga therapy and individual yoga guidance.

Ayurvedic treatments usually only take place after a consultation and within a treatment plan.

Walking, cycling and surroundings

Walking, cycling or doing something fun in the area? It’s all possible.
In addition to peace and space, this region has a lot to offer. Whether you are a nature lover or like to spend a day in the city: ‘nothing beats Groningen’.

For a short walk you can stretch your legs during the ‘Along the Water’ walk. A longer walk from The Land of Now is the ‘Wide Horizons walk’ that takes you along the entire Veenweg, the sand path and the ditch.

A particularly nice walk with a description of the sights is the ‘Hellum’s hike’ developed by Landschapsbeheer Groningen.

The walks in ‘t Roegwold are a short drive from The Land of Now.
We recommend the wooden footpath through the swamp.

The Schildmeer offers hiking and cycling pleasure, a beach for swimming and also a terrace with a view of the lake.

For cycling enthusiasts, we also offer some beautiful cycling routes via the Komoot app.

You can find more inspiration in ‘Nice things in the area’.

We wish you a lovely time.


‘Horizins and space
or the dynamics of the city’