Liberation day

Today, it is liberation day in The Netherlands. On the fifth of the fifth month, we celebrate our freedom. Freedom that should be a natural condition, but which for many on this earth – still – is not a natural given in their life situation. As well as for others, although living in free countries, but not experiencing the freedom in themselves. However: we all share this universal right. It is who you are. And this right is what is celebrated today.

Today is my birthday as well. And for me a gentle reminder: each year I am reminded to my mission in life: a mission that is dedicated to freedom and peace. I want every being on earth to have the tools and chance to experience freedom, in harmony with all that is alive. In the intimacy with life.

I do not merely wish this. I actively want to contribute to this. In every way I can, with the qualities I have. One of these ways is with Heart of Yoga.
To empower people to improve the quality of their lives and relationships, and realise social change.

Intimacy with life can empower a single person to change the world.

And I firmly believe that you – yes, I mean you! – have the power to contribute to freedom in this world.
To quote U.G. Krishnamurti: ‘You are the hope of humanity’.

If not you, who else?

You are the hope of humanity - yogaretreat en yogaweekend op retreat center The Land of Now

‘You are the hope of humanity’