Yoga Teaching Standards

The teaching standards we adopted are the result of what is most natural when you practice and share actual Yoga. We stand for sincerity and safety. For a yoga that includes all principles of Yoga and inspires a personal yoga practice that becomes your own Yoga. Adapted to your lifestyle, age and situation.

You can find the teaching standards here and in our retreat centre.

Mark Whitwell: “It is our intention that the education standards outlined above will be adopted by all sincere Yoga teachers and institutions. There is no doubt that actual Yoga is extremely helpful to our lives. But it must include the principles of breath, bandha, etc that make it actually Yoga. There must be an education to do this. The attempt to create safety standards without understanding the systemic flaws is fruitless, and the hidden hierarchy of the teacher as the ‘knower’ and the student as the one trying to ‘know’, must be eliminated for Yoga to start. When the principles of Yoga, such as were brought through by Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, are taken on, each person’s Yoga becomes entirely their own, powerful, efficient, and safe. Krishnamacharya was the origin point of so much of modern Yoga, but his teaching that Yoga must be adapted to the individual, not the individual to the Yoga is hardly available. When Yoga is adapted to individual, it becomes what it always was, each person’s direct intimacy with life. In this relationship, healing occurs in every way. May we get the job done together, and bring an actual yoga education to the world. ”

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