Location for yoga weekend and yoga retreat in nature at retreat center in the Netherlands The Land of Now

Retreat center for
yogaweekend and yoga retreat

A welcome place where yoga is alive, in the space and silence of the north of the Netherlands.

As supervisors of retreats, we know better than anyone how important and supportive a suitable place can be for a yoga weekend or yoga retreat.
In a retreat everything revolves around the right attention, and as a supervisor to be able to offer a safe space and atmosphere for relaxation, depth and development.

This place is all about that attention, and it is our passion to ensure that you as a organiser do as little as possible. That, from the moment you get out of the parking lot, the retreat already starts, everything is arranged for you and you can fully immerse yourself in Yoga. So that your retreat naturally breathes yoga.

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So that your retreat naturally breathes Yoga

Space for the essence,
a silence place for peace seekers,
an inspiring place for
meeting and deepening,

and above all: a place that
Yoga is alive.

location for yoga retreat and yoga weekend retreat center in the Netherlands The Land of Now

Attention and love
for the big things
and the small things

Space for the essence

The location exclusively at the disposal of you and your group

During your stay, The Land of Now will be your home for a few days and we provide an inspiring experience, together with our enthusiastic team. If you organize and supervise a yoga retreat or yoga weekend here, no other groups will be present during your stay.

On the ground floor of the retreat center there is a large attractive yoga room with bamboo floor, professional sound system and the room is equipped with yoga and meditation materials. The salon offers plenty of space to retreat with a book, or to meet others, sitting by the wood-burning stove. The conservatory is a fine intimate space overlooking the pond and can be used for individual conversations or to dream away in the sun.

The meals are enjoyed in our restaurant which has a direct connection to the catering kitchen, where you are welcome if you want to know which herbs we have used for the warming soup you have just eaten, if you want to know the chef his / her culinary secrets, or just need a good conversation.

‘Now yoga begins.’

Ethical Food & Drinks

Organic and sustainable catering

With great passion we provide appropriate meal care during your yoga retreat or yoga weekend.

Our food concept The Land of Taste , which we realize together with our enthusiastic team, brings together an inspiring vision of food, taste and ethics.

With the recipes and menus designed by chef Juliette Reniers , we amaze you with taste and we not only provide suitable meals, but also ‘food for the soul’.

We work with fresh and organic quality products. Sustainability and vegetables play the leading role in a refined palette of flavors, where we inspire you with surprising dishes.

Surprising to you. Great for the world.

chef Juliette Reniers Plant-based Ayurvedic food concept Retreat Center Netherlands Groningen
Yoga Retreat and Yoga weekend Location
plant-based Ayurvedic food concept The Land of Taste in Retreat Center The Land of Now Groningen

In balance with Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, takes into account the seasons and the time of day. The digestibility and that food should be tasty as well as healthy. A feast for the senses, nourishing for body and soul.

You can go to The Land of Now for all your questions about Ayurveda therapy, lifestyle and nutrition.

Our kitchen also offers you inspiration. Our meals offer an inspiring and tasteful experience for all your senses. Organic and sustainable, Ayurvedic principles and plant-based whole foods.

retreat center in the Netherlands sustainable meeting location in Groningen training location with overnight stay - location yoga retreats
Schildmeer Nature Groningen training location and retreat center for yoga weekend and yoga retreat

Yoga retreat location in nature

Our retreat center is located in the middle of the peace and vastness of the authentic Groningen landscape near the city of Groningen. Here you can still hear the grass grow and contemplate beautiful starry skies.

In our park-like landscaped garden you can wander, relax or dive into the outdoor sauna. Here on ‘het Veen’, as the Veenweg residents put it, you regularly see special scenes. Turkeys on a trip, a hare that comes to neighborhoods or a deer that passes by in the early morning. From the location you can walk with vast horizons and the wind in your hair. A short distance away is the beautiful Schildmeer and the Roegwoldt.

Respect for nature is self-evident for us and we allow ourselves to be inspired by new possibilities every time.


Sustainable overnight stay
during your yoga retreat
or yoga weekend

A good night’s sleep is just as important as the activities and guidance you offer during your yoga retreat or yoga weekend. The Land of Now has 18 spacious hotel rooms, so that you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable night after an inspiring retreat day. All rooms have a private bathroom. There is 1 disabled room available. In total, The Land of Now has an overnight capacity of 28 people.

The rooms are furnished with luxurious box springs and offer you a comfortable night’s sleep. All our box springs, mattresses, duvets and pillows meet the Green Key standard and are produced completely environmentally friendly, CO2 neutral and non-toxic. We would like to offer you a sustainable and comfortable experience on The Land of Now and hope to inspire you.

sustainable beds in hotel room of retreat center and training location with overnight stay in The Netherlands The Land of Now

• 18 hotel rooms

• maximum 28 people

• luxurious and durable beds

• private bathroom

• full care and catering

• use of outdoor sauna

Would you like to see more of the retreat center?


• Entire retreat center exclusively available
• Spacious yoga room of 110 m2 with bamboo floor
Yoga materials:
  • Manduka Prolite Yoga Mats
  • Manduka meditation cushions
  • Manduka rectangular bolsters
  • Yoga straps
  • Yoga blocks (cork)
  • Blankets (light material)


  • Professional sound system with microphone / CD player / DVD player, headset
  • Yamaha C3 Grand-Piano
  • Flat screen, flipchart with markers
• Lounge
• Conservatory
• Restaurant

• 18 spacious hotel rooms

  • including 1 disabled room and 8 single rooms.
    All rooms have a private bathroom.
    A total of 28 people can stay overnight.
  • Luxurious and durable box springs
  • Beds are made upon arrival.
    Towels are ready for you.

• Garden with several seating areas and plenty of space
• Outdoor sauna

• The Land of Now Boutique

Ethical Food & Drinks:

• Full catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

• Unlimited coffee and tea

• Homemade delicacy

• Our sustainable kitchen is happy to surprise you with pure and refined flavours.

• Lovingly prepared, organic and without artificial additives.

• Our kitchen specializes in yogi meals.

  • Balanced, easily digestible and appropriate for your yoga practice.

Additional options:

• Yoga class

• Singing Bowl Concert

• Massage

• Lie down Concert (piano & cello, poetry)

• Ayurveda lecture / workshop

• We have many years of experience in the design, supervision and production of meaningful meetings, development programs, events and retreats. We like to think along with you to realize your ideas.

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Do you want to organise a yoga weekend or yoga retreat at The Land of Now?

You are very welcome.


Our guests come from all over
the world.
All unique.

‘Everything here breathes yoga. What a wonderful place to stay. And thanks for the fascinating explanation about Ayurveda!’

‘It is as if you imagine yourself outside the Netherlands for a few days. And so nice that we don’t have to think about anything. What a wonderful energy this place has.’

‘You notice that you really pay attention to everything, down to the smallest detail. For us it is really a great added value that this place is built by yogis. You can feel it. Looking forward very much to the next meeting!’

‘I think I’m going to propose to your cook. What a party of flavors.’

The location, your team, the interior, the food, everything was so right, and it was so contributing to the content of the program. Yoga does live here. Thank you.

‘Yoga with purity and straight from the heart.’