Yoga is making love with life every day

It has been a while that I have written my heart out.
I can be good with words, although I am really – yes, really!- bad in social chit-chat. I am some extreme combination of a nerd in a (nice!) skirt and a hypersensitive philosopher that has many passions and professions. So if someone asked me: ‘What do you do?’ I never had an answer that fitted the box or met the social expectations.

I live. And life creates beautiful chances to explore and feel life. I feel life in everything. Alive. Or as my dear friend and teacher Mark says ‘Alive in life, as life’.

In the past, I did not always have the words for this. I must confess, I tried to fit ‘me’ in a box from time to time. To understand the world. I don’t know if I failed the box or the box failed me, but we were not a match made in heaven. I missed my connection to life, my liveliness and my spontaneous embrace of everything. My blooming wilted.

I studied yoga, ayurveda, philosophy, art, wisdom traditions, … I studied a lot. Years. And practised. But what I felt so deeply, was not mentioned. Their message was always a variation of the opposite: ‘I needed to improve myself towards a future goal.’ And, although I know, I could improve on a whole lot of levels, on this subject I just did not, do not, and will not believe this. Not for me. Not for anyone.

How can life be something you need to get a diploma in or to become qualified at, a call to be a ‘better’ person? As if life is not already happening? In me, in you. Just here. Right now?

So I became a rebel. For freedom. For love.
For life itself.

Hence in our retreats, yoga or counselling we (my partner Frank and I) brought another message. But for me, it also felt a bit lonely sometimes.

And then I met my dear friend Mark Whitwell. Who said the same things as I felt. And gave me back my words. The trust, my love for yoga, and a whole tradition backing me.
But foremost: My connection to life itself. Breathing, moving. Alive.

Shortly a mission formed: To empower people from Heart of Yoga to improve the quality of their lives and relationships and to realise social change. A.o. with retreats and masterclasses at The Land of Now and beyond.

And, if someone asks me today: ‘What do you do?’ I now answer, – inspired by U.G. Krishnamurti –: I make love with life. Each day, every day.


yoga is making love with life - retreat center The Land of Now

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