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Individual yoga guidance

Your yoga. Your path. Your balance.

Yoga provides tools for mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Originally yoga is taught individually, according to who you are. In a personal relationship between the student and mentor, in which yoga transfer takes place.

Whether you are just discovering yoga or want to deepen your yoga and your personal development, we offer you the opportunity to be guided individually on your path according to the yoga tradition. In 1 on 1 yoga there is plenty of room for guidance and deepening of your practice, your personal development or life questions that you want to gain more insight into.

Your yoga. Suitable for you and connected to life: your life.

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‘Do Your Yoga’

On location or online guidance:
• Appointment at The Land of Now
• Online session

Counsellor: Juliette Reniers

Individual yoga session

For your yoga practice

Appointment at The Land of Now / online

  • Learning or developing principles
  • Deepen your current yoga practice
  • Questions arising from your practice
  • Yoga in your daily life, relationships and environment
  • Yoga philosophy & psychology
  • Ayurveda
  • Mental, emotional and physical well-being
  • Trauma sensitive
  • Relaxation and balance

Yoga therapy

First session of 90 min.
Follow-up sessions of 60 min.

Yoga therapy is tailored to your (help) request, any complaints and needs. Whether you come for back problems, anxiety or breathing problems, or if you would like to figure out where you want to go in life.

Yoga therapy also offers (preventive) support for: burn out, stress, PTSD, (complex, developmental) trauma, fears, panic disorders, depression and sleeping problems.

Among other things, we work with:

• physical exercises
• mindfulness
• breath
• relaxation exercises
• lifestyle advice

Supports in:

• deal with stress
• calm the nervous system
• empowerment
• self-confidence and self-knowledge
• rest & focus
• energy
• feel safety in your body
• make your own choices
• better self-care
• recognize boundaries
• reduction of physical complaints
• reduction of anxiety & panic
• dealing with challenge or problems
• improve sleep pattern

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‘Yoga is making love with life everyday.’