What is a retreat at retreat center The Land of Now in the Netherlands

What is a retreat?

Time for the essence of life

A retreat is an age-old form to withdraw from the hectic pace of everyday life and to make room for essence. To take care of who you are and what you want in life. Both on a personal and professional level.

In earlier times, retreats were mainly set in the light of religious and spiritual research. In the west there were the monasteries and in the east the ashrams with both their daily rhythms and atmosphere encouraging reflection. With room for in-depth conversations and above all: time. Time for the essence of life.

A retreat today can be a welcome respite to seek out that essence . Contemporary retreats are person-oriented and appropriate to the ideas of our time. The present time is a fast time in which we as human beings ask a lot of ourselves. Although this time gives us as individuals a sea of possibilities and freedom, it can sometimes be overwhelming to determine the right course on that sea of possibilities: our own unique course . A retreat offers that space and time. Time for the essence of life. Your life.

divider retreat

Space and time
For you

your course

Taking space for yourself during a retreat at retreat center in The Netherlands The Land of Now

‘Space for essence.’

Why should I go on a retreat?

A retreat can be used to gain clarity and depth about a certain theme and to explore new paths with the insights or knowledge gained.

A retreat can be a suitable form of research and deepening for both personal and professional purposes. With space for relaxation, time for yourself and to be in touch with what you want and who you are. And above all: to enjoy life to the fullest. During the retreat and afterwards.

9 Reasons to follow a retreat

• 1 •
You have need for relaxation and to recharge in a beautiful place where there is room to be yourself.

• 2 •
You want to know more about how to be physically and mentally in balance .

• 3 •
You are curious about, for example, yoga , mindfulness , ayurveda or a certain form of training and what this can mean for you.

Or you would like to deepen and develop this further.

• 4 •
You are looking for inspiration and tools to live life to the full , both on a personal and professional level.

• 5 •
You would like to gain knowledge about a certain subject and delve into it.

• 6 •
You enjoy a nice weekend in a beautiful place, delicious and healthy food, space for yourself and / or fun with nice people.

• 7 •
You want to take a break from the ongoing hectic pace of everyday life and catch your breath .

• 8 •
You need insight into yourself or want to feel more in touch with what is important to you in your personal or professional life.

• 9 •
It appeals to you to do something special for yourself. To do something you (perhaps) haven’t done before.

‘Inspiration for pure living.’

What kind of retreats offers
your retreat center?

Juliette and Frank , owners of retreat center The Land of Now, have years of experience in guiding in-depth and inspiring retreats, training, and (therapeutic) 1 on 1 sessions.

In a Heart of Yoga retreat we take you to the essence of yoga: the heart of yoga. The ‘lost teachings’ of authentic yoga.

Our integrated approach to Yoga and Ayurveda, yogic mindfulness and insights from modern science gives you personal tools that let you experience your balance, connection and well-being.

Immerse yourself in authentic yoga for a few days in our retreat center that breathes and lives yoga. Retreats with depth, inspiration and relaxation.

In addition, various organizers of retreats and trainings offer wonderful retreat programs.

In our agenda you will find the current data and information.

What types of retreats are there?

There are now many types of retreats, which are distinguished by a specific theme, program, work method, or the purpose of a retreat.

For example, there is a retreat for everyone that suits what he or she is looking for or needs at that moment. There are retreats that focus mainly on relaxation and wellness, and retreats that put more emphasis on personal development. In a yoga retreat this can also be the case, depending on the theme, the program and the teacher.

There are specific meditation retreats based on a certain philosophy, such as a Vipassana retreat. It uses a program that is comparable all over the world. It often happens, however, that multiple working methods are used within a retreat.
A mindfulness retreat can include a program with alternating mindfulness exercises, various forms of meditation and a form of yoga or, for example, tai chi. A silent retreat mainly uses the power of silence, meditation and reflection.

Certainly not all retreats are only focused on silence and reflection. Many retreats are lively and challenging programs that use creative work forms, body work or dance. In addition, there are also retreats that focus more on professional themes, such as a leadership retreat, a workation or train-the-trainer retreats.

In our retreat center The Land of Now, various retreats are offered by us and various other providers.

Are you unsure if a retreat suits you? You can always contact the organizer of the retreat.

Can I also organize a retreat
on The Land of Now?

Yes, you can. The Land of Now is a retreat location where you can organize and guide your retreat. During your stay, The Land of Now will be your home for a few days and we provide an inspiring experience, together with our enthusiastic team.

Whether you are organizing your first retreat or are already experienced, we like to think along with you so that it is exactly as you envision.

Yoga retreat and yoga weekend special location at retreat center in The Land of Now Heart of Yoga in the Netherlands

Do you want to organize a retreat at this retreat location?

‘Stop looking. Start living.’

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