location rental retreat center training location sustainable meeting location in nature of Groningen - The Land of Now in the Netherlands

Venue rental

An inspiring location

In the peace and wideness of the North you’ll find The Land of Now. Here you can still hear the grass grow and contemplate beautiful starry skies.

The site is home to an authentic and attractive farmhouse from the beginning of the last century. An inspiring location and a living place that provides space for essence.

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For the pioneer in every individual

rental retreat center group accommodation and training location with overnight stay in the Netherlands

Retreat Center Training location with overnight The Netherlands The Land of Now

The Land of Now is a popular place for training institutes, companies and governments, trainers and supervisors from the Netherlands and abroad to host their programs.

The location can be rented for groups (up to 28 people), whereby various options can be chosen in the choice of accommodation and care.

Sustainable meetings at a unique meeting location in Groningen

For companies and organizations

At The Land of Now you can have meetings your way. Whether you are looking for an ‘out of the box’ location, want to have a meeting in a peaceful location in the green or add with your company a climate neutral accent to your meeting: a meeting or training at The Land of Now will take you out of the daily routine and inspires new ideas.

For meaningful meetings, both large and small, we have been offering some unconventional solutions for years.
The Land of Now has a lot of experience in organizing and guiding team days, management days and inspiration sessions. From informal meeting to an intensive mission-vision trajectory.

According to the wishes, we can support meetings from the first design to the direction and realization.

Do you want to organize a meeting at The Land of Now?

Location for yoga weekend and yoga retreat in nature at retreat center in the Netherlands The Land of Now

For yoga teachers

The Land of Nu is a place where Yoga lives, and various yoga teachers are happy to supervise a yoga week, yoga retreat of yoga training. Whether you are organizing your first yoga retreat or are already experienced, we are happy to think along with you so that it is exactly how you envision it.

Our kitchen is specialized in yogi nutrition, Ayurveda and whole food plant-based. We make sure that the meals fit your program.

We can also think along with you for additional program parts. And of course we are open to collaborative forms.
You are very welcome.

Do you want to organize a yoga weekend or yoga retreat?

Special training location in the nature of Groningen

For trainers and tutors

Thanks to our many years of experience in guiding and designing training and meetings, we know better than anyone how important a training location is for the effectiveness and depth of a training. The right place contributes to the focus of your participants, and invites you as a trainer to creativity in the program through the possibilities that a location has to offer. So that your training gets the impact you have in mind.

Do you want to organize a training day or multi-day training with overnight stay?

pioneer retreat center training location with overnight The Netherlands The Land of Now

We are a welcome location where you’ll feel at home and you can fully focus on the guidance of the day(s) and your group, and you can trust that everything is arranged what you wanted to arrange.

The Land of Now is an organic organization and we are always open to cooperation in programs.
Unique are our possibilities to accompany and support trainers of meetings, trainings and retreats.

A place that lives

Besides the own programmes of the Land of Now, various activities are held by third parties throughout the year. All together, it creates a place that lives.

A dynamic place amidst the peace and wideness where new developments can be achieved.

An atmospheric environment
for a meaningful

‘Space for inspiration, a quiet place for those seeking peace and quiet…
An inspiring place for meeting and deepening.’



At the Land of Now you can rent the location for a half day or for multi-day programmes with overnight stays.

We devote a lot of care and time to the ‘design’ and the guidance of every form of being together of people.
A meeting, whether it is one day or multiple days, is in our eyes beyond the gathering of people in a location.
With us, the individual experience is paramount, so that it brings some spirit and inspiration to work with newly acquired insights and knowledge.
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‘Care and attention to every form
of being together of people.’

Special meeting location with overnight stay in Groningen The Land of Now

Meeting Design, production & guidance

A meeting has no boundaries for us.

Certainly not with all the details that this fine place already offers. A rich palette of possibilities to create unique experiences.

And just as easy and with enthusiasm we design and create completely new ideas to make the experiences at a meeting as appropriate as possible.

‘A rich palette of possibilities to create unique experiences.’

An inspiring location:
inside and outside

Own place

The group is the sole user of the entire accommodation.

Whole location exclusively available.

Plenty of choice

Various possibilities of accommodation and catering.
From day program to multi-day, from coffee specialty to three-course dinner.
Or the development and production of special meeting concepts.

We offer you space.
For your ideas and program.

And comfortable overnight capacity for up to 28 people.


We like to think along with you in creative possibilities so that everything fits and is right.

And offer you a welcome home.

Location in nature

Nice quiet and rural area

Far from the everyday hustle and bustle

‘An attractive environment for a meaningful meeting.’

A place that inspires,
stimulates and encourages
the creation of
new realities.

A place for the pioneer
in every individual


Support, training and/or guidance for supervisors possible

Spend the night

All 19 hotel rooms are equipped with private shower and toilet. Comfortable and luxurious box springs, fully sustainable produced.

Silence, space and dazzling starry skies

we find that quite normal here


A place with respect for nature.

Respect for life, people and animals.

‘Far enough from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, close to life.’