Ethical Food & Drinks

At The Land of Now, sustainable, organic and plant-based are very normal. During your stay, we ensure that you can enjoy delicious meals and snacks with a conscious heart while keeping your footprint as low as possible.

Our food concept the Land of Taste brings together an inspiring vision of food, taste and ethics. We work with fresh and organic quality products. Sustainability and vegetables play the leading role in a refined palette of flavors, where we inspire you with surprising dishes.
Surprising to you. Great for the world.

In addition, all our products in our shop are vegan and/or organic or fair trade, from cream to t-shirt. And of course we are happy to provide you with information about conscious and sustainable living.


‘Because it is possible.’

organic vegan ayurvedic catering meal care 1

organic vegan ayurvedic catering meal care 1

organic vegan ayurvedic catering meal care 1


Vegan Friendly promotion

The Land of Now participates in the Vegan Friendly promotion. NVV members get 10 discount on products from our store.
The Vegan Friendly promotion is intended to give attention to eateries, (web) shops and other initiatives with a (partly) vegan offer.


Everything is subject to change. Actually, you can’t speak about real sustainability. In our opinion, sustainability is therefore about conscious choices that are constructive. Choices that contribute something.

Aware of the consequences that each choice entails and with the aim of minimal damage. Sustainability is therefore about correct proportions. We strive to make every choice that we stand for a choice that contributes something positive to this world.

The Land of Now gives you an experience of what sustainability can mean for man, animals, the environment and life. How do we do that? Simply by doing it. This is reflected in our programs, the meals, the accommodation, how we deal with nature, and you’ll experience it in the way we interact.

Read More about our vision on sustainability and what we do.


The Land of Now likes to contribute positively to a non-violent and sustainable world. A free world with equal opportunities for all.

Every choice we make has a consequence. We are optimistic and try to make choices with positive and constructive effects.

Veganism is such a choice with a positive effect that can contribute to a peaceful world and a better living environment.

Nature and the environment are important to us at the The Land of Now retreat center and training location in the Netherlands

Nature and Environment

Livestock farming is responsible for the largest emissions (certainly 18 of the total) of greenhouse gases such as methane and CO2 and is thus a major cause of global warming.

The United Nations also argues that meat production is the second largest cause of environmental problems such as soil contamination, water and air pollution, acidification and biodiversity degradation (e.g. by cutting rainforests). With a vegetable diet you choose consciously for a sustainable alternative and a cleaner, liveable planet.


fellow man is beautiful - Retreat center The Land of Now


More and more people are becoming aware that the production of meat, dairy and eggs is being cultivated on very large scale cattle feed (such as soya, maize, etc.). In total, more than 70 of all agricultural land is currently used for livestock breeding.

In addition, several kilos of cattle feed are needed to produce 1 kg of meat. It is therefore more efficient to use agricultural land directly for food production for the benefit of human consumption. Thus, a contribution can be made to the reduction of the world food problem.


health and veganism for a better world


A varied plant nutrition offers all nutrients to stay healthy and energetic. By eating (more) plant-based, you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and various other diseases.

Plant foods also contain no cholesterol and less saturated fats. Also among top athletes, plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular.


we avoid animal suffering at retreat center The Land of Now

Many people become vegan from the desire not to contribute to animal suffering. Together, vegans can drastically limit the number of animals bred, trapped, exploited and prematurely killed annually.

One vegan makes a substantial difference for dozens of animals every year. Veganism is a clear statement against a system in which animals are seen and treated as utensils or means of production.


‘How much are you taking and what are you bringing?’