The yoga of action

As many of you already know, I like to play around with words. Guests at our retreat centre make excellent victims for my texts. And our series of welcome cards have become a collector’s item.

Words can never describe who you are, or tell the truth. But we sometimes can remember or recognise who we are by texts that inspire us.
Writings that get you in touch with a world behind the words. Texts that blossom between the lines. Simplicity that brings one back to the essence.

We live in a world of many words.
I am an advocate of ‘inspirational words’. To use your voice to empower and express love. But also: to open our mouths when things need change. To stand for who you are.

The union of our inspiration with our expression. I call this Yoga: the yoga of action.

Picture: Work in progress of a book of collected texts. I promised this to so many, and the design perfectionist in me always delayed it. Again and again. But, no more excuses!: Action.

Yoga of action - retreat center The Land of Now

The union of our inspiration with our expression.