The power of a personal yoga practice

Nowadays yoga is mainly practiced in groups. In a yoga studio, outside in the park, or at the gym.

Basically, however, yoga is a highly individual practice. A mentor guides you to achieve your own individual practice. That suits you. According to your background, age and possibilities.

So that yoga goes beyond imitating a performed pose and yoga is embodied and lived. Yoga enables people to improve the quality of their lives, their relationships and realize social change.

Your Yoga:

It’s so simple you can teach it to anyone. Also your grandmother or your neighbor. It is so powerful that it makes us silent, every time, what it gives people, as soon as people integrate the full principles of Yoga into their yoga, into the intimacy of life.

It is almost impossible to describe what we see emerging every time people practice an authentic practice for several days. A practice in which yoga is their yoga, not the patterns of another, but: Your yoga.

However, yoga is not the pursuit of a better version of yourself with a perfect end goal somewhere in a distant future. Authentic yoga ends the search. Now. You are already the essence of life. You don’t have to become a better person. Yoga is only your relationship with what you already are, and celebrating that relationship. Every day, with every breath.

Do your yoga.
And share it with others. Anyone who can breathe.

Do you want to know more about Yoga?
Be guided 1 on 1? Or follow a yoga retreat?

Personal yoga practice - Yoga retreat at Yoga retreat center in the Netherlands

Do your yoga.

And share it with others.
Anyone who can breathe.