What is a retreat at retreat center The Land of Now in the Netherlands

The Land of Taste

Ethical Food & Drinks

Our food concept the Land of Taste brings an inspiring vision
on food, taste and ethics together.

With great passion we provide the food & drinks during your stay, we design new products or we inspire you during workshops and lectures.

With the recipes and menus designed by chef Juliette Reniers , we amaze you with taste and we not only provide suitable meals, but also ‘food for the soul’.

Whether it concerns a lunch or a multi-course dinner, we will amaze you with taste.

We work with fresh and mostly organic quality products. Sustainability and vegetables play the leading role in a refined palette of flavors, where we inspire you with surprising dishes.

Surprising to you. Great for the world.

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we amaze you
with taste

• Plant based
• Sustainable
• Whole foods
• Ayurvedic principles
• Low-waste dining
• Good for you; great for the world

Tea blends
• Chocolate

• Sustainable catering
• Lecture/Workshops
• 5-course experience dinner
• The wonderful world of tea

chef Juliette Reniers Plant-based Ayurvedic food concept Retreat Center Netherlands Groningen

Juliette & Frank

Juliette Reniers

Frank Eijkelkamp

Team The Land of Now

The Land of Taste - plant based vegan ayurveda food concept

Ethical & Sustainable

Wonder on the table

At The Land of Taste, plant-based food plays the leading role and we design surprising recipes and products to inspire you.

As eternal optimists, we embrace sustainable change and make it a party together with you!

Of course, the products we use are organic, regional and/or fair trade as much as possible.

The Land of Taste - plant based vegan ayurveda food concept

The 6 flavors

Feast for the senses

In Ayurveda, 6 flavors are distinguished. The 6 flavors provide the building blocks for a meal that is not only a feast for the senses, but also nourishing for body and mind.

Digestibility and the seasons are taken into account, and it is in line with current developments.

The Land of Taste - plant based vegan ayurveda food concept

whole foods

Rich taste of full ingredients

We work with fresh, fair and unprocessed products. We compose our herbal and spice blends ourselves.
Our bread comes from the Grain Republic. We inspire you with rich flavors from full ingredients.

‘Surprising for you.
Great for the world.’