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Our mission

The Land of Now is committed to empower people to experience or improve the quality of their lives and relationships from their own strength and to realise social change.

We are optimists, philosophers and artists.
Dreamers, bridge builders and doers.

We inspire positive developments for a free and humane society and offer space for essentials.
Best wishes,
Juliette Reniers & Frank Eijkelkamp

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Free space for essence

Retreat & Conference center

An inspiring place for meeting and wonder, a place of silence for those seeking peace and quiet, and above all a place that lives.

A place that combines personal and exclusive small-scale with the grandeur of space.
A place that inspires, amazes and encourages the creation of new realities.

A living place that offers space for the essence.
A place for the pioneer in every individual.

We offer you an inviting place that is open to the essence of each individual and hope to welcome you soon as a guest in our home:
at The Land of Now.
You are welcome.
about The Land of Now

The origin of The Land of Now

‘Inspired action for social change’

Juliette & Frank hJuliette & Frank have a varied background in which the power of attention and connection is central to achieve individual and social development.

The beginning: Artists in experience
In addition to their professional activities in the art and design world, Juliette & Frank have supervised various meetings, conferences, internal communication processes and leadership training from their own meeting design & training agency. Unconventional trajectories in which an experience is created where wonder and a different view of reality give participants the space for truly sustainable change and inspiration.

Whatever project, meeting or guidance it concerns, the core of their mission is the same: a free and humane world.

Social engagement
Their passion for philosophical and psychological deepening led more than 15 years ago to guiding practical, socially engaged and in-depth retreats, projects and counseling programs throughout the Netherlands and beyond.

Intimacy with life
Today, Juliette & Frank offer authentic yoga education: the ‘lost teachings’ of yoga. And they take you to the heart of yoga. To the intimacy with life. With a unique and integrated approach of Yoga and Ayurveda, yogic mindfulness and insights from modern science.

To enable people to improve (or experience) the quality of their lives and relationships based on their own strength, and thus realise social change.

They also provide individual therapeutic pathways and inspire sustainable and positive developments in nutrition and lifestyle, with the food concept The Land of Taste as an experimental and inspiring playground.

Space for the essence
A long-cherished dream came true in 2016 with the realization of our own retreat center:
a place that literally offers space for essence.

A place close to life.

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Retreat Center Training location with overnight The Netherlands The Land of Now

For the pioneer in every individual

Juliette Reniers - retreat center en trainingslocatie in Nederland The Land of Now
Juliette Reniers

Juliette brings things back to the essence and inspires you to look beyond truths and fixed structures. From an early age she has always had an interest in philosophical and social issues. Adolescence turned her into a thriving professional artist and designer, giving her opportunities to express those things in life beyond words.

In addition to a continuous deepening in philosophy and Western psychology, she studied ancient wisdom cultures, authentic yoga movements, yoga therapy, trauma-sensitive yoga and in-depth Ayurvedic medicine (therapy, pharmacology, diagnosis, etc.). Her teachings offer a clear yoga path in authentic yoga and Ayurveda.

She has guided many people through the important questions of life and autonomous critical thinking, guided retreats and trainings for over 15 years, designed gatherings and has a constant curiosity for new and diverse projects that touch the core of her mission: a free and humane society.

Juliette is also the passionate designer of recipes and products and the chef in our food concept the Land of Taste, which we realize together with our enthusiastic team, in which an inspiring vision on nutrition, taste and ethics come together.

Just as yoga allows you to experience the intimacy of life, music and poetry are also yoga for Juliette. The cello touches her deeply and she also enjoys discovering or using various other musical instruments.

The love for life is present in all her teachings, where she lets you experience the essence every time. Beyond an endless pursuit of a certain ideal, but a direct and intimate relationship with life in all its simplicity.


  • Philosophical thinker
  • Independent Artist
  • Psychosocial Counsellor
    & Process facilitator
  • Yoga teacher & Yoga therapist – Krishnamacharya lineage
  • Ayurvedic therapist / practitioner
    – Ayurvedic medicine, nutrition, lifestyle, treatment
  • Ayurvedic Massage therapist
  • Plant-based chef
  • Designer
    • product design
    • spatial and interior design
    • graphic design
    • jewellery design & goldsmith
  • Photographer
  • Tekst writer
  • Design & production of
    meaningful meetings

Vereniging Yoga Nederland lid 500

Yacep - Juliette Reniers Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance Continuing Education ProviderE-RYT500 - Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance Juliette Reniers

Frank Eijkelkamp - retreat center en trainingslocatie in Nederland The Land of Now
Frank Eijkelkamp

Born in a small neighborhood where daily life lived in its natural rhythms, Frank grew up in a warm family that always supported his interests and life choices, and they inspired him to contribute to society without many words through honest action.

Feeling inwardly the soul of an artist, he studied classical music and became a pianist. During this time his interest arose in guiding people in their personal growth and well-being.

He grew into other professions, such as meeting designer and facilitator, in which he let people and organizations experience the power of connection and wonder. Meetings with a human character and impact, in which his sense of composition and rhythm can be seen in every project.

Yoga crossed his path again and again and touched him deeply when he experienced the authentic yoga, where the breath is leading and yoga is the embrace of life.
The power of music is supportive in this and in the retreats that Frank and Juliette guide, music is like a connecting thread with essence.

The contact with life is what Frank likes to let you experience. Whether this is in guiding a training or retreat, or in a simple conversation over a cup of tea: the essence of each individual is central.

about The Land of Now

  • Creative Producer and Director
  • Process facilitator
  • Design & production of
    meaningful meetings
  • Musician
  • Yoga teacher Krishnamacharya lineage

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance - Yoga teacher Frank Eijkelkamp