Doistic salon - breeding ground for social change

The Doistic Salon

An evening of wonder

An evening-filling co-creation program. With poetry, music, speakers and questions that matter. Each salon has a theme. To amaze you and ourselves, to make you think or to hear new perspectives.

And to create movement . In small or large.

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‘The power of

Next salon:

in september; date will follow

Wonder as a means of social change

The Doistic Salon is programmed by us from our own range and a network of inspiring speakers, artists, philosophers, inventors, musicians, doers, dreamers and optimists.

Every Doenist Salon is different and organized around a theme. Always optimistic and a tad playful, to set serious movement in motion.
You meet people with real stories, experience unexpected moments and experience the power of unconditional listening.
We touch you. To touch the world together.

Would you like to attend the Doistic Salon?*

Are you or do you know someone who can make an inspiring contribution to the Doistic Salon? Do you have an inspiring life story or idea that makes you think? Does your poetry or music set things in motion? Or something completely different?

Then fill in the form and surprise us!

*A limited number of places are available for each salon.

‘Art has such a powerful invitation to think outside the box.’