Who will you meet at The Land of Now?

Frank and Juliette – owners and founders of The Land of Now – live in the private residence, inspire the place and are busy every day with their mission in this place and beyond.

Of course there are many more people connected to The Land of Now. Here you will meet a varied team of wonderful people who each bring their own unique color and energy that bring the place to life.

We work with a team trained by us that, with a lot of attention, care and love, ensures that every stay is a unique experience: just right for you.

In the garden of The Land of Now we are also supported by a great team from Cosis .

‘Each one brings its unique colour and energy, making the place come to life.’

‘Inspiration for pure living.’

The Land of Now

Juliette Reniers and Frank Eijkelkamp ‘inspire’ The Land of Now and use the power of wonder to invite reflection, dialogue and social change.


Juliette Reniers - retreat center and training lcoation in netherlands The Land of Now

Juliette Reniers

owner and founder The Land of Now

Juliette brings things back to the essence and inspires you to look beyond truths and fixed structures. Her love for life is present in everything, where she lets you experience the essence every time. Beyond an endless pursuit of a particular ideal, but a direct and intimate relationship with life in all its simplicity.


‘Once reached the stillness,
the music always sounds.’

Frank Eijkelkamp - retreat center en trainingslocatie in Nederland The Land of Now

Frank Eijkelkamp

owner and founder The Land of Now

The contact with life is what Frank likes to let you experience. Whether this is in guiding a training or retreat, or in a simple conversation over a cup of tea: the essence of each individual is central.


‘The power of attention’

‘Attention and love for the big and the small.’

Meet our passionate team



team The Land of Now

Hilde says yes to life, from a deeply felt experience. And you feel that depth: you feel at home with Hilde. Her naturally present empathic ability provides a warm envelope and valuable moment in every encounter. Hilde sees what is needed when it matters and gives everyone space.



team The Land of Now

Anna’s openness not only opens your heart, but gives you the space to be who you are. Anna not only breathes this freedom in her encounters with people, but also expresses it in her versatility and many activities. From kitchen to offering a cocoa ceremony, from good conversation to a massage that suits you.

Natasja Dijkshoorn Retreat Center The Land of Now The Netherlands


team The Land of Now

Natasja is a stable personality with decisiveness and a high sensitivity for objectivity. Someone with great confidence in the personal power of people and the value of connection. In her own practice she works with people who need change and want to come into their strength. Experience, reflection and awareness are central.

Anneke Hofman Retreat Center The Land of Now The Netherlands


team The Land of Now

Anneke has a unique view of the world, which she shares in her art and artistic projects. She also runs a sustainable bed and breakfast that is entirely built with natural materials. With her vibrancy and direct openness, she brings a wonderfully enthusiastic energy to The Land of Now, which invites you to wonder.


team The Land of Now

Whether she's preparing breakfast or you meet her in the garden, Wanda always has a moment for you. With her golden smile and genuine warmth, she is not only a welcome appearance, you feel at home with her even when you are far from home.

Titia Wiersema Retreat Center The Land of Now The Netherlands


team The Land of Now

She has been on The Land of Now for years and many people will have met her. She enjoys the contact she has with the different people who stay here. With a lot of fun and creativity she shines in the kitchen preparing nice appetizers and desserts.

Margreet Arkema Retreat Center The Land of Now The Netherlands


team The Land of Now

Margreet is an empathetic and loving masseur who intuitively feels what someone needs. She meets every moment with an ever-present calm and radiant smile. Someone with a curiosity for inspiration and with a great passion for food and beautiful dishes. A versatile personality that surprises you every time.

Hilda Fokkens Retreat Center The Land of Now The Netherlands


team The Land of Now

Hilda has been working here for many years and brings with her Groningen soberness and sincere humour a solid foundation that you can build on. Or you'll hear a refreshing insight from an unexpected angle. Maybe you see her walking down the Veenweg with a friend, fixed prick once a week.



team The Land of Now

Emma surprises you every time by showing a different unique side of herself. This social care student has a lot to offer and if she wants something she will make sure it gets done. With her powers of observation and quick action, she is in control of any situation.


team The Land of Now

Jumping fully into life and with an infinite curiosity, Matisse is amazed every day. And he surprises and amazes many guests with his sincere and unexpectedly profound questions.



team The Land of Now

With his vibrant enthusiasm and openness, Killian surprises you time and again. He can also dream like the best and he likes to talk to you about what keeps him busy.


Cosis & garden team The Land of Now

Bastiaan came here via Cosis and has now become an indispensable part of The Land of Now. With his generous smile and sincerity, he is a radiant personality who lights up every day. If you want to experience for yourself how you can live in the now, join Bastiaan for a day. The garden is also pleased with his careful attention and precision.

'Room for unique talents.'

Cosis Team

team Cosis • garden maintenance

Cosis offers support to people with intellectual and/or psychological disability. In the middle of society, close to the people they help. At The Land of Now we find it important that these people too have a rich and fulfilling life and are seen in who they are. Each with its own unique qualities, just like anyone who works or temporarily stays here. We are very grateful for the cooperation with Cosis and hope to build something durable in this. Would you like to read more about Cosis and what they do? That's possible here.

Bastiaan and Jan from Cosis.nu can often be found outside at The Land of Now. They also take great care to ensure that the place becomes even more beautiful. Jan mows the grass with great enthusiasm and Bastiaan has an eye for every detail. Who knows, you might even meet them one day!

'Connection with the world, in the world.'

tuinonderhoud door mensen met een verstandelijke beperking

'Pioneers live everywhere.'