The Land of Now gives you an experience of what sustainability can mean for man, animals, the environment and life.

How do we do that? Simply by doing it. This is reflected in our programs, the meals, the accommodation, how we deal with nature, and you’ll experience it in the way we interact.

Did you know that our extensive and varied cuisine is cooking sustainable and organic? That we choose ecological cleaning products? That we inspire ourselves and our guests to sustainable choices? And that – every day – we think again whether the choices we make still contribute positively?


‘How do we do that?
Simply by doingit.’

Netra-Ayurvedic Treatment

Ecological cleaning at The Land of Now

At the Land of Now we make use of a professional ecological cleaning line in our cleaning.

The cleaning products we use are besides ecological very concentrated as well and therefore produce less waste. Also the materials we use are specially designed to achieve an optimal result with the least possible load for people and environment.

Our team has also received a special training to work with these products and materials.

Cleaning products

The cleaning products at the Land of Now carry the Cradle to Cradle Hallmark and the EU Ecolabel.

Cradle to CradleEcolabel Cleaning Products

Sustainable food

At The Land of Now sustainable, organic and vegan is very normal. During a stay our enthusiastic chefs will ensure that you can enjoy delicious meals and snacks with a conscious heart while keeping your footprint as low as possible.

In addition, all our products in our shop are vegan, from cream to T-shirt. And of course we are happy to give you information about veganism and a loving sustainable life.

In organized retreats and programs by The Land of Now, the meals are fully vegan by default. And of course organic.
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External groups and companies

For external groups that rent our location, the offer is minimally vegetarian, predominantly vegan and there are always plenty of opportunities for vegans. Cooks for external groups like to hear the culinary wishes prior to a stay.

Nature and Environment
Climate control on The Land of Now

We also strive to make sustainable choices in terms of climate control.

A heat recovery installation is installed in the main room, ensuring a healthy indoor climate and good ventilation.
The heating in the downstairs areas is regulated separately and regulated via a climate control program.

Green Power

Of Course we are connected to renewable energy.

Pure Energy Green Power

Sustainable beds
Sustainable and luxurious sleeping on The Land of Now

All our box springs, mattresses, duvets and pillows meet the Green Key standard and are produced completely environmentally friendly, CO2 neutral and non-toxic. We would like to offer you a sustainable and comfortable experience on The Land of Now and hope to inspire you.

After a long search we found beautiful beds with a 4/5 star hotel class that not only fulfils a good night’s sleep for our guests, but also has the least possible tax on the environment and the health of our guests.

The points of control for a Green Key mattress and boxspring are:

  • Environmentally conscious manufactering from beginning to end. So also in the factory.
  • Certificates of:
    • Der Blaue Engel: strict German environmental inspection
    • LGA Foam Certificate: Co2 free foamed mattress, completely toxic-free
    • ISO 9001: Known as quality label
    • Textile Vertrauen and Oko test: Two German tests concerning the raw materials used in the textile

The mattress you sleep on is made with a LLQ-cold foam core. No harmful substances are used when making this mattress and the box spring. No part is excluded from the inspection. This applies to special water-based bonding techniques, the foaming procedure, which is completely CO2-free, to the screws and to the sustainable cultivated wood.

The duvets and pillows

The ECO duvets and cushions have been produced sustainably. The recycled petvulling (rPET) provides a bulky, resilient and anti-allergic duvet. The tick is made of soft, pure 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton, which meets the stringent requirements of the Global organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Honest, pure and clean! The combination of a bio/Fairtrade cotton with a recycled petvulling takes into account the ecological and social conditions as well as the stability of the small-scale producers.

Lime-free water
Lime-free water
at The Land of Now

Lime-free water flows from all taps on The Land of Now. The water is descaled by a water softener in our basement.

The Benefits of lime-free water are obviously You are not bothered by calcium deposits (and existing lime disappears!), but especially that you need less aggressive and much less cleansers to clean everything up and equipment wears out less quickly.

You’ll notice the amount of shampoo you need. It seems that that is less than a quarter of what you are using now. Furthermore, your skin feels much softer and less dry.


When you talk about sustainability, you will automatically come to the essence.

Sustainability, a child of this time?

Everything is subject to change. Actually, you can’t speak about real sustainability. In our opinion, sustainability is therefore about conscious choices that are constructive. Choices that contribute something.

Aware of the consequences that each choice entails and with the aim of minimal damage. Sustainability is therefore about correct proportions. We strive to make every choice that we stand for a choice that contributes something positive to this world.

‘How Much do you take and what do you bring?’

Sustainability is a current topic. Various innovations are being developed in the technological and economic field. However, the pursuit of a more sustainable society goes beyond technical innovations and saving measures. The welfare of humans, animals and nature is the ultimate goal.

The current challenges that we face in this world are, in our opinion, an approach that suits that aspiration. We cannot solve the challenges of this time without feeling the essence of man and life. Actually, we can be very brief about it. When you talk about sustainability, you will automatically come to the essence. The essence of life. And the other way around, when you talk about essence, you automatically come to sustainability. In the widest sense of the word.