Sound and music therapy

Did you know that sound and music can have positive effects on our mental, emotional and physical condition?

The concept of ‘entrainment’ is used in therapeutic work with sound, mantra and music. A concept from physics in which a movement synchronizes by picking up the rhythm of something nearby and going along with it.
As a result, people are (often unconsciously) attuned to each other and harmony is found.

This is very clearly visible in rhythm. If people start drumming in the same room, most people, without consciously thinking about it, will tend to play at the same tempo.

In the therapeutic use of sound, this principle is used to guide our brain waves to a slower rhythm, in order to create a deeper state of relaxation and activate the parasympathetic nervous system: from disharmony back to your harmony.

In our programs, retreats or individual guidance we introduce you to the effects of sound, mantra and music. You are very welcome!

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Juliette Reniers is together with her partner Frank Eijkelkamp, ​​owner of yoga & Ayurveda retreat center The Land of Now, and yoga teacher & therapist, Ayurveda practitioner/therapist & teacher, psychosocial counselor. In their teachings they take you to the heart of yoga. To the essence: the ‘lost teachings’ of authentic and breath-based yoga. Supported by the richness of Ayurveda.

klanktherapie en muziektherapie op yoga en ayurveda retreat center The Land of Now

From disharmony back to your harmony.