Pocket Steel Tongue Drum, Venus Flower, Navy Blue



  • Pre-tuned scale (A Major)
  • Soothing and joyful tones
  • Lasered Venus Flower
  • Compact pocket size (3″/7.6 cm)
  • Great for sound therapy, classrooms, or at home


  • A4/a’ 440 Hz / A5, B5, C#6, E6, F#6, A6

Pocket Steel Tongue Drum

The Meinl Sonic Energy Pocket Steel Tongue Drum is suitable for any music lover, teacher, or sound therapist. It has a very compact size, making it ideal for on-the-go use. Whether in the studio, in the classroom, in the office, or on the coffee table, this drum with a diameter of only 3 inches (7.6 cm) can be played by anyone, anywhere, regardless of skill. Thanks to the pre-tuned scale, there are no wrong notes to play. The sound is joyful and soothing.
It includes a wooden mallet with a rubber head.

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