Grey Agate meditation chime 50″ / 128 cm, 432 HZ, A major, bronze – MCDT50AB



  • Deep toned
  • Long-lasting resonance
  • For meditation, relaxation, or even for decorating
  • Agate stone at the bottom
  • Height-adjustable pendulum
  • Suspension ring


Meinl Sonic Energy Agate Meditation Chimes are great for meditation, relaxation, therapy applications, or even for decorating your garden and home. Their magical, deep sound fills the whole environment and invites you to dream. These chimes are characterized by a particularly good resonance and long reverberation. They are tuned on the base A4/a’ 432 Hz. Enjoy the clear and cheerful sound. A decorative Agate stone at the bottom of the cord completes these beautiful chimes. Its healing energies are intended to help you achieve peace and tranquility, to remove the blockages in your aura that prevent you from seeing the answers. Since it is a natural Agate stone, the shape and color may vary slightly. Attach the Meditation Chime to the top of the aluminum ring. Control the sound by gently tilting the cord to the side to strike the Chimes. With an adjustable clip below the pendulum in the center, you can vary the number of strikes (the higher the pendulum, the fewer the strikes) or stop it completely (position the pendulum at the top). Meinl Sonic Energy Meditation Chimes are made from corrosion-resistant aluminum and have a UV and weather-resistant finish. Please note, however, that even these instruments can rust if they have been used outdoors for more than one year. Therefore, keep these instruments away from direct exposure to the elements


  • 4335g
  • 152.91oz


  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Nylon Cord
  • Agate


  • Bronze

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