What is a retreat at retreat center The Land of Now in the Netherlands
Our retreat center in The Netherlands


Meeting and inspiration

Stay at our Retreat Center for one of our own retreats (with Juliette en Frank), or stay here for a meaningful meeting or inspired training.

You are a guest in a living house. The Land of Now is a place for ideas to grow, a place of silence for those seeking peace and quiet, an inspiring place for encounters and deepening, and above all, a place that lives. A place that lives, where people live from the essence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And that makes the place unique.

 divider retraite

‘You are a guest
in a living house’

Yoga retreat and yoga weekend special location at retreat center in The Land of Now Heart of Yoga in the Netherlands
retreat center and sustainable conference center in the Netherlands The Land of Now


Plenty of possibilities

The centrally located circular hall provides access to the various areas and the upper floors. On the ground floor there is an attractive yoga room (approximately 110m2) with a bamboo floor.

receptie The Land of Now retreat center in Nederland voor Yoga Retreat en duurzame vergaderlocatie met overnachting
Yogazaal Retreat Center in Netherlands The Land of Now
Our retreat center in The Netherlands

Time for a good conversation

Relax and meet

The lounge offers plenty of space to retreat with a book, or to meet others, seated by the wood-burning stove.

The conservatory is a nice intimate space with a view of the pond and can be used for individual conversations or to dream away in the sun.

salon retreat center The Land of Now in Nederland duurzame trainingslocatie - de plek voor jouw yogaretreat
Our retreat center in The Netherlands
lounge meeting room lounge of retreat center in the Netherlands - the place for a yoga retreat and sustainable training location with overnight stay

inspiring cuisine

Feast for the senses

The meals are enjoyed in our atmospheric restaurant where we surprise and amaze you with our menus.

duurzaam restaurant retreat center trainingslocatie in Nederland
sustainable restaurant yoga retreat center training location in the Netherlands

The Land
of Taste

Ethical Food & Drinks

Our food concept the Land of Taste, which we realise together with our enthusiastic team, brings together an inspiring vision of food, taste and ethics.

With the recipes and menus designed by chef Juliette, we amaze you with taste and we ensure not only suitable meals, but also ‘food for the soul’.

We work with fresh and organic quality products. Sustainability and vegetables play the leading role in a refined taste palette, where we inspire you with surprising dishes.

Surprising to you. Great for the world.

chef Juliette Reniers Plant-based Ayurvedic food concept Retreat Center Netherlands Groningen
Our retreat center in The Netherlands
plant-based Ayurvedic food concept The Land of Taste in Retreat Center The Land of Now Groningen

18 hotelkamers

Comfortable and sustainable accommodation

Our Retreat Center lodges 19 spacious hotel rooms, including 1 disability-friendly room. All rooms have a private bathroom.
In total, The Land of Now has a capacity of 28 people.

The rooms are furnished with luxurious box springs and offer you a comfortable night’s sleep.

All our box springs, mattresses, duvets and pillows meet the Green Key standard and are produced completely environmentally friendly, CO2 neutral and non-toxic. We would like to offer you a lasting experience on The Land of Now and hope to inspire you.

comfortable double room with private bathroom in retreat center and special training location The Land of Now in the nature of the Netherlands
hotelkamer retreat center en duurzaam conferentioord in Nederland voor jouw yoga retreat training of vergadering The Land of Now

Pre-overnight stays

Arriving and landing

Because many of our guests come from far, it may be nice to arrive an evening earlier.

Depending on the program you are following, and if the occupancy allows it, it is usually possible to book the night before your program starts.

Unique Yoga and Ayurveda retreat at a special retreat center in nature The Land of Now in the Netherlands
naambordje hotelkamer van retraitecentrum en trainingslocatie in Nederland The Land of Now


Exclusive design
and Yoga inspiration

In our intimate boutique we offer our own design line and forged jewellery. In addition, we have a nice assortment of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda products. You can find a.o. our The Land of Now teas, our own RAW chocolate, our hand-screened shirts and tank tops, or exclusive jewellery.

Of course we take sustainable materials into account. We love to inspire you.

Some of our products can also be found in our online boutique.

Design, sustainable products, organic yoga clothing in the boutique of Retreat Center The land of Now in the Netherlands
silver organic ring gemstone Juliette Reniers designer
Vata tea Ayurvedic tea blend organic tea line Yoga Retreat Center The Land of Now sweet hug



The location offers plenty of opportunities to wander around and find a quiet place to sit together or meditate on your own.

The well-covered pond is a favourite place for a tea break. Let yourself be inspired by nature, or simply enjoy the outdoors.

The different outdoor areas lend themselves well for outdoor activities.

tuin The Land of Now retreat center, duurzame vergaderlocatie en trainingslocatie met overnachting in Groningen
vijver retreat center en duurzame vergaderlocatie in Groningen The Land of Now - de plek voor yoga retreat
tuin retreat center in Nederland voor jouw yoga retreat - duurzame trainingslocatie met overnachting voor jouw vergadering of training - The Land of Now


Contact with the essence

Enjoy the many birds that sit down in the garden, or if you’re sitting still you might catch a glimpse of our regular buzzard (we call him Harry).

And if you’re really lucky you might see a deer, hare or even a fox.

Ganesha - Yoga philosophy retreat at retreat center The Land of Now for a special yoga retreat and yoga weekend
Garden yoga retreat center The Land of Now in Groningen Netherlands

Praktice at The Land of Now

Therapy and individual guidance

The Land of Now offers various forms of guidance
on a mental and physical level.

Psychosocial counseling from the perspective of humanistic and person-oriented psychology. Talk therapy that offers support when you experience stress, or run into things in your personal life, relationships or work.

nutrition & lifestyle
In an Ayurvedic consultation we look at which diet and lifestyle is suitable for you so that you are able to be in optimal balance, or to restore balance. In case of complaints, advice can be given for additional treatment.

Yoga therapy integrates yogic principles, mindfulness and Ayurvedic knowledge with modern science and psychology. The therapy supports you to experience your optimal balance physically, mentally and emotionally and to reduce any complaints, or how you can deal with them.

praktijk voor counselling, ayurveda, yogatherapie in Groningen, retreat center The Land of Now

sauna op retreat center en trainingslocatie met overnachting in Nederland The Land of NowSauna

Warmte en weldaad

Een intieme sauna middenin het groen, om letterlijk stoom af te blazen na een intense dag, of op te laden tijdens een retraite.

Our retreat center in The Netherlands

kunst van Juliette Reniers op retreat center The Land of Now in Nederland

Atelier & Studio

Art & Design

If you go through the gate to the side of the house, you will arrive at the professional artist studio of Juliette & Frank. In the downstairs studio we work with screen printing, goldsmithing and ceramics, among other things. In the upper studio you will find photography, drawing and painting and a design studio.

Visit by appointment.

Entrance of retreat center and training location in The Netherlands of The Land of Now
picknicken buiten in het groen bij retreat center en duurzame trainingslocatie The Land of Now in Nederland

Far enough from the daily hustle, close to life

For many, a visit to the Land of Now begins with the journey, to get away from the daily activities during the car or train journey with every kilometer travelled. On arrival you land into another world: The Land of Now. A welcome home, just a few hours away from your home.


Groninger landscape

The Land of Now (Siddeburen) is in close proximity to some beautiful cycling and walking routes. Several routes take you through beautiful places in the municipalities of Slochteren and Menterwolde. For instance along the estate Fraeylemaborg and its forest, or the ‘Schildmeer’ lake. The ‘Schildmeer’ lake is close by and is popular in summer for a dip in the water, in winter for a crackling skating trip.

Of course Groningen city, with its cosy cafes and the Groninger Museum, can be easily reached.