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‘Intimacy with life empowers a single person to change the world’

A rebellious wind blows from the north of our country over the yoga landscape. Juliette and Frank (from retreat center The Land of Now) offer authentic yoga education with Heart of Yoga in the Netherlands and abroad to empower people to improve the quality of their lives and relationships, and realise social change.

Heart of Yoga is not a new yoga style or brand. It is the authentic yoga emerged from the meeting of four important teachers: Krishnamacharya (‘the father of Modern yoga’), his son Desikachar, and their friends Jiddhu Krishnamurti and U.G. Krishnamurti. Mark Whitwell, a dear friend of ours, shared us the teachings he has received directly from them. Soon we saw that we have the same vision of yoga and a shared mission.

Yoga is ‘hip and happening’ nowadays. We are committed to share the essence of yoga. What we see is that many people strive for an ideal perfection, resulting from that which they have learnt. A sincere endeavor, but unconsciously driven by the message expressed in various and sometimes very subtle terms: ‘You are not (yet) good enough’. Spiritual movements, however well-intended, are often trapped in linear, hierarchical or patriarchal thinking.

With Heart of Yoga we break through the ideal idea of perfection and enlightenment. An ideal that builds on the constant focus on ‘self improvement’, while denying the reality of what is already there and who you are already. Yoga is nothing but letting you experience this. In which all aspects of life – both negative and positive – are welcome. You are already the ‘power of life’ in perfect harmony with everything around you. After all, what else would you be?

It is precisely the endless search for a better version of ourselves that is the problem in itself that makes people feel dissociated of life, their relationships and themselves. As U. G. Krishnamurti says ‘stop looking, start living’. The principles of Krishnamacharya offer people an authentic and nonobsessive yoga practice, appropriate to the person, age and situation. Not as a path towards the ‘perfect person’, but as your direct participation in life. An intimate relationship, with you and the life that is already there. A connection that gives you the power to go in the direction that suits you.

Intimately connected to life. As simple as breathing in life itself.

With her partner Frank Eijkelkamp, Juliette Reniers is the owner and founder of Retreat center The Land of Now. Together with Frank, this freedom Rebel is committed to a sustainable and non-violent world. With Heart of Yoga, they travel the world to empower people to live from their own autonomy.www.thelandofnow.com / www.heartofyogaholland.com.
For upcoming Teacher Trainings with Mark Whitwell: www.heartofyoga.com
Krishnamacharya authentic yoga - retreat Center The land of Now

With Heart of Yoga we break through the ideal idea of perfection and enlightenment.