Heart of yoga yoga retreat and yoga weekend at a special retreat center in the Netherlands, the Land of Now

Heart of Yoga

The ‘lost teachings’ of yoga

With Heart of Yoga we take you to theheartof yoga.

We offer you what has been lost in Yoga.
Beyond stretching, ‘yoga styles’ or striving.
Beyond tension, stress or trauma.

Towards intimacy with your life, autonomous and free.

Authentic yoga in which your breath is leading.

authentieke yoga retreat center The Land of Now


With Heart of Yoga we offer authentic yoga education to enable people to experience or improve the quality of their lives and relationships from their own strength and to realize social changes.

lost teachings van yoga


The lost teachings of authentic yoga offer an extremely simple and direct practice that embodies the ideals spoken of in the ancient texts as your direct participation in the essence of life.

balans en welzijn authentieke yoga


Our integrated approach of (breath based) Yoga and Ayurveda, yogic mindfulness and insights from modern science gives you personal tools that help you improve your balance, connection and well-being. to experience. Supported by a clear and non-obsessive practice, appropriate to the person, age and situation.

intimiteit met het leven authentieke yoga


Yoga is relationship.

An intimate relationship with your essence.
With your loved ones. With the world.
With life in all its aspects.

Intimately connected to life.

As simple as breathing in life itself.

‘The lost teachings of Yoga’

The ‘lost teachings’ of Yoga

Your yoga

Breath based: breath as a factor of connection

The power of a personal practice: YOUR yoga

Tools for balance, connection and well-being

Live life to the full. Go in the direction you choose

Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Life as a seamless process

Strength and Receptivity in Asana (and Life)

The essence

Yoga from the T. Krishnamacharya lineage

Embodied and Living Yoga Psychology and Philosophy

Authentic Yoga Education:
the path of yoga today

Integrated approach to Yoga, Ayurveda, yogic mindfulness and insights from modern science

Your life

Well-being and optimal balance

Living from your natural state

‘Intimacy with Life’

heart of yoga retreats

yoga ayurveda yogic mindfulness

Your life. Your direction

Juliette & Frank usually guide monthly Heart of Yoga retreats from their own retreat center The Land of Now. In their teachings they take you to the heart of yoga and Ayurveda.

Immerse yourself in authentic yoga for a few days in our retreat center that breathes and lives yoga. Retreats with depth, inspiration and relaxation, in which you develop or deepen your yoga.

Stand fully in life, to go in the direction that you choose.

heart of yoga Education

workshop training education

We offer various options for (additional) training. Check our website for the latest details and stay informed by signing up for our newsletter.

Yoga Therapy

Your balance Mentally, emotionally and physically

Yoga therapy integrates yogic principles, mindfulness and Ayurvedic medicine with modern science as well

The therapy supports you to experience your optimal balance physically, mentally and emotionally and to reduce any complaints, or how you can deal with them.

yoga 1 on 1

Your yoga Your path Your balance

Yoga provides tools for mental, emotional and physical well-being. Originally yoga is taught individually, according to who you are.

With 1 on 1 yoga there is plenty of room for guidance and deepening of your practice, your personal development or life questions that you want to gain more insight into.

Your yoga. Suitable for you and connected to life: your life.

‘Stop looking. Start living.’

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