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Space, balance and direction

for living life fully

What we stand for

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You are welcome in who you are. In everything. Your experience and perception counts. We are happy to offer you a safe place in which there is room to develop, catch your breath or recover.

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We have extensive experience and various specialisms. Just like you have in your life. We support and empower your own expertise.

intimiteit met het leven authentieke yoga


We guide with all our attention. You maintain autonomy at all times. You indicate the direction.

So that you are independent and stable in your life.


talk therapy person centered humanistic psychology

Talk therapy from humanistic psychology and person-centered therapy.

Psychosocial counseling can offer you support when you experience stress, or run into things in your personal life, relationships or work. Counseling distinguishes itself within cognitive talk therapies by its person-oriented and non-directive approach: You are central and you give direction, at your own pace. The conversations are aimed at motivating you to indicate how you experience your situation and where you want to go. You will be guided and supported in conversations, and sometimes with the help of exercises, to gain clarity in your functioning and in gaining new insights. And how you can deal with that, what you need or can change so that you get a grip on the situation and stand in life from your own strength. In balance.

  • To gain insight into what concerns you and how you can stand in life based on your autonomy.
  • Depending on your request for help, a counselling process consists of 5 to 10 sessions.

Optional (additional/supportive):

  • Supportive nutrition and lifestyle advice
  • Body work: yoga and mindfulness methods
  • Artistic work forms: The use of visual means, writing exercise or sound


diet lifestyle treatment
ayurvedic consultation guidance

There can be several reasons for an Ayurvedic consultation. Maybe you are looking for more balance, need support for physical or mental complaints or are interested in Ayurveda.

Part of Ayurvedic medicine focuses on disease prevention and finding optimal balance in life, both physically and mentally. At the same time, Ayurveda offers a solution when extra support is needed in the event of illness, for example.

Specific complaints can include: stress-related complaints, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, digestive complaints, sleeping problems, a weakened immune system, inflammatory sensitivity or allergies.

yoga therapy

Your balance Mentally, emotionally and physically

Yoga therapy integrates yogic principles, mindfulness and Ayurvedic medicine with modern science as well

The therapy supports you to experience your optimal balance physically, mentally and emotionally and to reduce any complaints, or how you can deal with them.

‘Stop looking. Start living.’

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Mantra and mind

Sound does a lot to us. The therapeutic use of mantra, a sound repeated in combination with breathing and a positive intention, can calm the nervous system and reduce over- or under-activity of the mind.