Grandpa Wim’s Oat cookies

Anyone who has ever followed a retreat with us – when we were still traveling from location to location – knows the now legendary oatcakes of Wim (Frank’s father). Like he could bake them, you find them nowhere. Just like the baker himself, because Wim was at least as legendary.

Although he learnt the word Yoga and its significance only later in his life, he brought Heart of Yoga like no other in practice. Without knowing this himself. Perhaps this makes him so beautiful. A man who looked at life with wonder and had an unstoppable interest in his fellow man until his last days. I am thankful for all the moments we shared together.

The recipe for the oat cookies


250 grams of whole wheat flour/gluten free flour
200 grams of oat flakes
(Gluten free: Use mixture of rice flakes and buckwheat flakes)
300 grams of raisins
60 ml. coconut oil or mild olive oil
50 gram coconut (grated)
teaspoon salt
1-2 teaspoons gingerbread spices
Approximately 250 ml. Water

Roll the dough to a slice of about half an inch and cut it in shapes.


Bake the oat cookies 25 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 degrees. Do not bake them too long, because they will become very hard. They become even harder while cooling!

Of course you can also vary with other dried fruits like apricots or cranberries.

The original recipe was changed over the years by Wim. At some point he had the theory that if he added more water, he would get more airyness in the cookies.
‘Where water is found, there is room when it has evaporated.’

Try it out I would say!

Oatcake recipe - Ayurveda nutrition and lifestyle at retreat center The Land of Now during yoga retreat or yoga weekend

As a practical thinker, Wim had even made a ‘oat cookies board’ This board had a few upstanding edges, precisely on the thickness of the oat cookies. He smeared the dough on the plank, and then cut it into pieces. ‘Much easier than with a cookie cutter.’