The Land of Now is a place where we welcome guests and clients. We design, guide and organise retreats, trainings and cool events.
Trainers, supervisors and companies are also welcome to organise their event here.

We work here with a team of more than 10 employees, from young to old. And it is also where we, Frank and Juliette, live in the adjoining private house. Together with our passionate team, we devote ourselves every day to making this place what it is: The Land of Now. A place that inspires and encourages the creation of new realities. A living place that provides space for the essence.

Because we and our team are fully aware of what a group brings during a stay, not all programs are suitable to provide with us.
We will gladly refer you to other locations.

Not suitable for us:

  • Events in which psychedelic or mind-altering substances, drugs, microdosing or plant medicines are used.
  • Programs with a neo-tantric approach.
  • Trainings with emotional bodywork in which the expression of anger, aggression or shouting is often / mainly used as a means.
  • Forms of shamanic programs with drums and fire rituals.