With Heart of Yoga we take you to the heart of yoga.
To the essence.

We offer you what has been lost in Yoga.
Beyond stretching, “yoga styles,” or striving. Towards intimacy with your life, autonomous and free.
Authentic Yoga in which your breath is leading.

With Heart of Yoga we offer you the ‘lost teachings’ of yoga. Authentic and breath-based yoga education to enable people to use their own strength to improve the quality of their lives and relationships and to realize social changes.

Our integrated approach to Yoga and Ayurveda, yogic mindfulness and insights from modern science gives you personal tools that let you experience your balance, connection and well-being. Supported by a clear and non-obsessive yoga practice, appropriate to the person, age and situation.

The lost teachings of authentic yoga offer an extremely simple and direct practice that embodies the ideals spoken of in the ancient texts as your direct participation in the essence of life:

Yoga is relationship. An intimate relationship with your essence. With your loved ones. With the world.
With life in all its aspects.

Intimately connected to life. As simple as breathing in life itself.

• Education in the tradition of Krishnamacharya
• Breath based: the breath as a connecting factor