9 Reasons to follow a retreat

• 1 •
You have need for relaxation and to recharge in a beautiful place where there is room to be yourself.

• 2 •
You want to know more about how to be physically and mentally in balance .

• 3 •
You are curious about, for example, yoga , mindfulness , ayurveda or a certain form of training and what this can mean for you.

Or you would like to deepen and develop this further.

• 4 •
You are looking for inspiration and tools to live life to the full , both on a personal and professional level.

• 5 •
You would like to gain knowledge about a certain subject and delve into it.

• 6 •
You enjoy a nice weekend in a beautiful place, delicious and healthy food, space for yourself and / or fun with nice people.

• 7 •
You want to take a break from the ongoing hectic pace of everyday life and catch your breath .

• 8 •
You need insight into yourself or want to feel more in touch with what is important to you in your personal or professional life.

• 9 •
It appeals to you to do something special for yourself. To do something you (perhaps) haven’t done before.