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School of Life | 7 day immersive retreat

Are you ready to open up to your divine nature and walk the path of Christ Consciousness? Join us!

Logos. This word traditionally relates to the principles of divine reason and creative order embodied through Yeshua and the life he led. This organizing principle of the Universe, the ‘intelligence’ through which all things are coming into being. More importantly, it also represents the energy of the cosmic frequency out of which this Christ Consciousness incarnated on Earth, making it available to all of humankind.

In the Logos retreat we will be inviting the highest wisdom to move through each of us, illuminating not only the places where we are standing in the way of our own Christ Consciousness, but also illuminating the possibility for what our lives might look and feel like if this energy were to be more and more a part of our reality. We see Yeshua and the Magdalenes as avatars, representing the connection to a specific field of consciousness that is very deeply in the spiritual DNA of humankind, and therefore available for all to connect to. Together we will take a next step in our commitments to embody a higher consciousness, thereby translating our deep remembrance into a living transmission.

7 days of remembering, experiencing, relating and integrating

This retreat is a mystical path in itself. We will be present and work on all levels of our human being: the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and the cosmic.

The 7 days in this week fulfill a cyclical pattern and energetically essential phases of experience, learning and integration. We have channeled each day into a theme, that will be our guiding principle on that day. Although each day has a specific theme, we will be fluid in our facilitatorship, attuning each day to what arises in us, the participants, the group field and to that which serves the highest good of all.

The retreat will be supported not only by the two of us as facilitators, but also by a team of experienced assistants who also resonate with this frequency. They will serve as an additional support for each participant and the group as a whole, and also anchoring presence in the field.

We are looking forward to a time of deep unfolding and rejuvenation together and would be delighted to have you join us! With love, Gary & Milou


  • Are ready to deepen your commitment to living a life more connected to source
  • Feel a resonance or connection to Christ Consciousness as a deep guiding principle
  • Feel a resonance to the lineage of Yeshua and the Magdalenes or the energies they represent
  • Wish to immerse yourself in a (group)field of living transmission and remembrance
  • Desire to integrate your inner wisdom and cosmic remembrance into your day-to-day reality
  • Want to come home deeper on all levels of your being
  • Are open and willing to take the steps that are required for your personal evolution, in resonance with our collective evolution
  • Simply feel your heart singing, knowing you need to be there!


22 - 28 Apr 2024


All Day

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School of Life
School of Life
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