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Embrace Yourself | Relaxation Retreat

You know that need to sometimes be ‘off’? Being able to be completely offline, no obligations, no having to look at your mobile dozens of times a day. Not being busy with the outside world, with expectations, roles, deadlines, to-do lists. And above all, the need to really take some time for yourself, to put yourself first for a while. The latter is often easier said than done. In our busy lives, full of patterns and schedules, it’s almost impossible to say ‘I’m going to focus on myself for a few hours now.’ Before you know it there is a distraction, a phone call, someone who needs you… Those moments of ‘me-time’ are often short-lived. What would it be like if it were possible to live in some kind of bubble for an entire weekend? You can let go of all your obligations for a while, others will temporarily take over your tasks. You literally step out of your normal life so you can just be with yourself. I created this bubble for you! All you have to do is step in.

This is not a silent retreat, not a first activity that starts at 06:00 and not a packed program. It is a retreat in which connection is possible, just having a nice conversation or sharing an experience. The days start at 08:30 and I have opted for a nice balance between activities and free time. So that you can mainly just Be and also relax. I believe in a super valuable program, with activities that provide depth and transformation, but a retreat can also really feel like a vacation.

Day programs (indication)


Arrival between 18:30 and 19:30

20:00 Guided meditation

20:30 Insight contemplation, moment of deepening and the emergence of insights through various contemplations. You can let this sink in and take it with you for the rest of the evening.

21:00 (optional) Room for connection, introduction to the group, a nice conversation around the campfire. Of course you can also retire to your room :-)


8:30 Ayurvedic breakfast

9:15-10:15 Yin Yoga *

11:30-12:30 Breathwork session *

Ayurvedic Lunch

14:15- 15:00 Soothing meditation (with Reiki)

16:15-17:00 Yoga Nidra (lying visualization exercise)

Ayurvedic Dinner 18:00

20:00 To end the day, a guest teacher will accompany a relaxing Gong bath (singing bowls and gong session) (sound therapy) *


8:30 Ayurvedic breakfast

9:15-10:45 quiet yoga practice *

12:30 Ayurvedic Lunch

14:15-16:00 Workshop with the theme ‘considering how far you’ve come’

17:00 goodbye

(indeling onder voorbehoud | tijden kunnen iets afwijken)

As you can see, there is always enough free time between sessions. During this time you can try one of the hiking trails, use the sauna or simply relax in the conservatory or garden. You can also book a massage or a private reiki treatment according to availability.

* No less than 3 guest teachers will guide a session this weekend! I wish you the best experiences, which is why I have invited guest lecturers who love their work and who have a lot of experience in their field.


17 - 19 Jun 2022


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Chantal Klein - Embrace Yourself
Chantal Klein - Embrace Yourself


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