Detox versus ‘rest & refresh’

Detoxing is popular. Magazines write about it and many types of detox programs are offered.

We rarely think about whether we really need this and more importantly: is it also supportive for your body (and mind)?

The good news: our bodies are naturally equipped with a great ‘detox’ system. For example, the liver and kidneys work every day to maintain homeostasis and in most cases our body is quite capable of excreting unnecessary substances. Amazing, right?

However, it may be that due to circumstances you have taken less care of yourself, you are not happy with your current eating habits or that you feel that you would like to change something in your energy balance. And you would like to be more active with your health. A short detox period seems to offer a great and quick solution.

A detox, on the other hand, often has many restrictions. This can sometimes provide temporary clarity, but it does not provide lasting support for your body and can sometimes disturb the balance rather than bring it into balance.

Ayurveda looks at what a person needs personally, taking into account external and internal influences on health. Nowadays, in the multitude of cures, ‘Ayurvedic detox cures’ are also offered. In our approach, however, we prefer a period of ‘rest and refresh’ that is only used if this can be supportive.

With a ‘rest & refresh’ period you add the things that support you, both physically and mentally.
So that you can experience a sustainable balance step by step, which suits you. For both body and mind. Where it is quite possible to enjoy the pleasures in life, in balance with who you are.

Do you want to know more about Ayurveda?

In our heart of yoga retreats or individual therapy you will learn or experience everything about how to live your balance.
And how to deal with temporary imbalance.

rest and refresh ayurvedic detox

With a ‘rest & refresh’ period you add the things that support you, both physically and mentally.

Why Rest & Refresh?

• 1 •
You have taken a little less good care of yourself for a period due to circumstances
and want to bring about sustainable change.

• 2 •
You feel the need to move towards a complete diet,
that fits what your body needs

• 3 •
You want to give your energy space.
Nourish your body.
Live your life to the fullest.

• 4 •
You are curious about what kindness can bring

• 5 •
You would like to experience your balance, with energy and fully IN life

• 6 •
You’re curious about some breathing,
yogic mindfulness, ayurveda and yoga techniques

• 7 •
And most importantly:
Experience that you are already beautiful the way you are