A plea for sensitivity

I call upon all of you. You, the sensitive one. The world needs you.

The world needs your receptivity to find real solutions for social change.
Strength with receptivity will initiate actual embodiment, natural authority and authentic choices that empower you, your loved ones and your society.

Don’t let anyone hold you back. Stop going to courses that delude you with techniques to deal with your sensitivity, but teach you to shield and protect yourself from others — teaching you to dissociate from the world, instead of teaching you to embrace life with all tangible conditions. Do not suppress your empathy for the suffering of humanity. Don’t believe anyone that says you need to toughen up.

You care. And I care that you care. We need people that care.

I need you to care.
Because: if you don’t who will?

Juliette Reniers - plea for sensitivity - retreat center The Land of Now

I need you to care
If you don’t who will?