Bali Blessings & Yoga retreat with Tya priestess

Unfortunately Tya had Visa problems and we have to cancel this retreat. We hope to meet you a different time!

Bali Blessings & Yoga Retreat
with Tya Priestess

Experience the authentic spirituality of Bali and immerse in actual yoga practice. 

Join us during this inspiring and in-depth retreat at our Heart of Yoga retreat center The Land of Now, where we will be exploring the spiritual gifts of Bali with the Balinese priestess Tya and her husband Nevin, who come to Holland with a mission: to share their love for mother earth and keep their village green*. 

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Ancient Balinese rituals and the yogas of participation

A unique opportunity to experience Balinese spiritual culture and meet a sincere Balinese priest couple that is committed to raise the consciousness of the world in order to harmonise nature and mankind for a sustainable future on this planet.
A retreat that will immerse you in an authentic Yoga practice that is intimately connected to life and soothes your soul.

We warmly invite you,

Tya, Nevin, Juliette & Frank 

* The profits of this event will go to the mission of Tya and Nevin. They are devoted to protect land in their Balinese village from unconscious development, and maintain Balinese culture and spirit for future generations.

Bali blessings and yoga retreat Tya priestess

November 17 – November 20
Bali Blessings & Yoga Retreat
with Tya priestess

Hosted by:
Tya & Nevin, Juliette & Frank

Where do we meet you:
Heart of Yoga Holland
in our retreat center The Land of Now

Siddeburen, The Netherlands

Ancient Balinese rituals honouring life itself

What will you receive?

  • A unique experience with a Balinese priestess and priest;

  • Yoga combined with Balinese song, Balinese bells, Tibetan bowl, and mantra;

  • Soul soothing meditations with song and mantras;

  • Storytelling about the magic of Bali;

  • Balinese water blessing ceremony;

  • The yogas of participation.
    Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Life as a seamless process;
  • Receptivity and sensitivity in asana (and life);

  • Embodied and living Yoga philosophy;

  • Intimacy with Life;

  • A nurturing environment with fresh yogic food;

  • Optional:

    • Private Healing session with Tya;
    • Private session with Juliette.

Balinese water blessing and Heart of Yoga retreat Holland

Balinese water blessing ceremony

During this retreat we will experience an actual Balinese ceremony, a ritual to purify body, mind and soul.

The ceremony is called ‘melukat’ in Balinese language. Holy water is given to participants as a form of spiritual cleansing of the mind and soul. The ceremony style is carried on from generation to generation and performed differently in each village. Tya has her own unique style of ‘melukat’.

Spiritual purification is the process of eliminating negative feelings in oneself, often resulting in a purge of stress and anxiety. The benefits are a light heart, peaceful mind, and calm nerves.

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The yogas of participation

Yoga as your direct participation in life, as life itself.

Authentic and non-obsessive. An intimate relationship, with you and the life that is already there. A connection that gives you the strength to go in the direction that suits you.

Intimately connected to life. As simple as breathing in life itself.

Yoga weekend The Land of Now


• accommodation at our retreat center
• organic and vegan meals
• a nurturing environment
• 3 days and pre-overnight stay
• authentic Balinese blessings
• the heart of yoga

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Loving food

During yogic events at The Land of Now, nutrition is a valuable and supportive aspect. We use only natural and organic ingredients without artificial additives. Nutrition for body and mind.

And of course lovingly prepared!

Retreat center Het Land van Nu

Guest in our Retreat Center

This unique retreat takes place at our retreat center in the North of the Netherlands: The Land of Now.  A beautiful place for and by Yogis where Heart of Yoga lives.

We live close to life and invite you as a guest at our ‘home’.

Tya priestess

Born in a direct lineage of amazing priests and healers, Tya had a spiritual practice from a very young age. From birth Tya had a strong connection to her ancestors and they would guide her in ceremony, ritual, and mantra. As a little girl she used this guidance and intuition to perform ceremonies for animals that had died in the forest. She automatically knew what to do. As Tya grew older, it became increasingly clear that she was gifted and that she was in a higher state of consciousness. For that reason she was chosen by her community to become the village priest.

As a priest, Tya is responsible for maintaining and passing on sacred knowledge and rituals as well as performing temple ceremonies. She also has a passion for singing old Balinese songs.

Recently she has attracted an international following for her singing, blessings, and private healing sessions. She has utilized this following to achieve her goal of protecting land in her village from development.

Tya’s ultimate goal is to raise the consciousness of the world in order to harmonise nature and mankind for a sustainable future on this planet.

Nevin Kuser

Nevin was born in the Kuser family that has a rich history in New Jersey. After a life in the outdoors of Arizona, Nevin felt a true calling for change at the age of 26. He followed his heart and moved to Bali where he enrolled in a Yoga training, after which he volunteered teaching Balinese high school students every morning for three years. Nevin eventually set out to look for a paid teaching opportunity and quickly landed a job in a yoga studio in Ubud, Bali. His manager was a beautiful Balinese priestess with whom he developed a strong connection and would later marry.

The Hindu government of Bali and the local chief of police came to the wedding to make it official. After this, multiple ceremonies and rituals were performed in order for Nevin to officially become a Hindu priest in Bali. He started waking up early to practice ancient Balinese rituals. Nevin then followed his heart a second time, making the decision to integrate these rituals into his yoga classes. The result was so beautiful that some of the students were in tears.

Now Nevin and his wife are using these teachings to protect the land in their village, to share their love for mother earth and keep their village green.
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Juliette Reniers

Juliette Reniers

Juliette was born in a sensitive and gifted family and has felt a genuine connection with all that is Life from a young age. Adolescence led her to become a flourishing professional artist and designer, which gave her tools for the expression of those things in Life that go beyond words. Deeply philosophically and spiritually rooted she studied (a.o.) ancient wisdom cultures, authentic Yoga and in-depth Ayurveda. Having guided many people in the more significant questions in life, leading retreats for more than 10 years and possessing an ongoing curiosity for new and miscellaneous projects, she is still that person you cannot grasp: An unusual combination of childlike enthusiasm and ancient wisdom.

Being with Juliette brings you in a direct connection with yourself and her subtle touch gives many relief. She brings things back to the essence and inspires you to look beyond truths and fixed structures.

When Juliette and Frank met they instantly knew they would spend the rest of their lives together and devote themselves to a deeply felt mission: To empower people to improve the quality of their lives and relationships from their own strength and to realise social change.